Art And Fear

 Art and Fear

More on art and fear.  Why am I dwelling on fear this month? Well simply put, it is something we all experience and at some point we must all face it. Perhaps the first step in facing it is to talk about it.

Fears often don’t seem quite as bad ……..

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when bought out into the light of day and examined with a little rationality and a dose of common or perhaps should I say – ‘uncommon’ sense. Generally our fears in relation to our art fall into two categories.

  • Fears about yourself.
  • Fears about what others will think.

One thing is certain, fears about your self-will prevent you from doing the best work you are capable of doing. – what sort of things might these fears look like?  Well for example, have you ever felt or said to yourself any of the following?

  • I’m not really an artist.
  • No one will want my work.
  • Others are better than me.
  • No gallery will ever want to show my work.
  • Nobody will understand my work.
  • Worse even, people might laugh at me either to my face or behind my back.
  • People don’t think being an artist is ‘real’ work
  • What if I wreck the work?
  • Artists are always poor.
  • I’m no good.
  • Why would other people want my work – even I can see it’s not any good?

Shall I go on?  Well I do believe that I’ve probably said every single one of those things to myself at some point.  And now my reply to all of that as I’m having those discussions with my self is to simply say “SO WHAT??!!” 

Do you know that every single one of those statements is an excuse to stop ourselves from doing ‘The Work’  They all let us of the hook if we believe them and give them power. THE ONLY DIFFERENCE between an ‘ARTIST’ and someone who thinks they aren’t one is;

  1. That the ‘Artist’ has these thoughts and continues the work anyway. Isn’t that how we define courage.  ‘To feel the fear and do it anyway.’ 

art and fear : bungee jumping photo

People don’t generally think of artists as courageous people, do they? But in fact, being an artist is probably one of the most courageous professions that one can be involved in.  Why?  Because every single time you show up at the easel, the foundry, the film studio, you have had to conquer some of those art and fear demons, just to even start work.  And then, once you’ve begun, you are constantly afraid you’re going to stuff it up…..

The only way out of this dilemma is to learn to trust your instincts and ask your self what is the worst that can happen…..  Even when that means you must rub off the area you just spent all afternoon working on! After all as I like to say to my students, ‘It is only canvas and paint!’

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Posted By:  Kadira Jennings

Photo by Kevin B 3

Photo by SJByles

Art  Fear and Money

There have been books written of the subject of Art Fear and Money.

What I’d like to address today is a fear that many of us have and try to ignore. It is more often than not a fear that we have learnt from our parents. Many of the decisions we make in life are based on our fears around money. This is why our parents don’t encourage to take up careers in the Arts.

My question for you is, how much are your choices around your creativity driven by your relationship with money or the lack of it? How many times have you chosen not to do something because you ‘lack’ the money to do it? i.e. – taking that course you wanted to do, or not paying for a babysitter so you can take an art class etc.

How long do we ignore the creative cries of our soul because we are putting everyone else before ourselves? We can’t afford to buy our art materials because Jamie needs a new bike and so we push the frustration down and pretend that all is well.

When are we going to value ourselves enough to do what we need to do, to love and honour our own needs. Much of the reason we don’t do this is all tied up with money and lack of self worth.

One of the most difficult lessons to learn, I’ve found, is to take the step towards something and have the faith that the universe/God will line up with us on that and send what ever we need. Let me tell you a little story about this…….

Ten years ago a girlfriend and I decided to stop talking about going to Europe and actually do it instead. I had no clue where the money was going to come from – I only had enough for a deposit on the airfare. So I put the money down. Within the week I received a $2000 commission for an art work!! All of my airfare.

Art and fear - Venetian canal

Veetian Canal

Later I was give over $2000 by other people and I had more than enough for accommodation and spending money. I was blown away. My dream came true with very little effort on my part. The trick however is to take that first step and Trust that the rest will fall into place.

My last thought – What are you not doing creatively because of money and how might you change that?

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Posted By: Kadira Jennings

Pix Credits: Kadira Jennings



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