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Once a month I am going to be posting some thoughts on the idea that,  ‘Art is a Business’, including business tips, pitfalls to avoid and advice for artists. I am actually doing an artbiz course with Alyson Stanfield  at the moment and it will be fun to share some of the great takeaways with you. One of the biggest problems artists have generally, I believe, is to do with their mindset. Many of them find it difficult to make the transition from being a ‘hobby’ painter to becoming a professional artist.

Neglecting the necessary changes you must make to your mindset in regard to your art practice and the business side of things is always a big mistake. If you want to sell your art, then, like it or not, you are in ‘business’ and like any other professional business person, there are things you need to put in place. Art is a business, it is the business you are in.

So the place to begin is with your own mindset. Let’s look at some of the issues that need to be dealt with.

  • Firstly, what do you project into the world?  – Are you confident about your art work and your ability to sell it?
  • What kind of self talk do you engage in? Every time you express your negative thoughts and expectations about yourself, you are actually attracting that very thing back to your self.  Let’s say for example that you have a habit of saying things like 
    • I’m not  really an artist – who do I think I’m kidding
    • No one will want my art 
    • I’m not good enough to be asking money for my work
    • My arts not really worth anything
    • I’m not a sales person, I hate selling – I’m not pushy enough to be a sales person
    • I can’t sell and I’m terrible at marketing my work
  • All of the above things only bring you more of that. Instead try thinking about the whole art marketing thing form a totally different angle.

As Alyson puts it – “Will you define your self by your limitations and failings – or will you define yourself by your hopes and aspirations.?” Because you know what?  Either way you become a self-fulfilling prophecy and the question is how would you rather be?


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This Weeks Question: What is your mindset around your art business?

Look For Next Monday’s Post: What’s happening in the studio this month?



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As I was saying in the last post – yes Art or Creativity is a partnership- however it is also a relationship.  How are you building your relationship with your fans – because that’s what the buyers of your Creative works are? Stop for a moment and really think about the people who buy your creative pieces whether they are paintings, digital prints, photos, sculpture or whatever. Really understand that they are your fans and not just clients.  In fact with a little work on that relationship they can become raving fans.

Turn Viewers Into Fans

Turn Viewers Into Fans

And what do fans want – how can you build that relationship? – Here are some ideas

  • be interested
  • be interesting
  • fans want to know about you – after all they have let you into their lives – there is a piece of you hanging on their living room wall
  • as artists we need to appreciate the fact that in embracing our work, others open their hearts to us.
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