The Working Artist

The Working Artist

The working artist, now what does that mean exactly? It is amazing how much of our journey as an artist is in our heads. Or in our heart and not in our heads.  It has taken me most of my life time so far to realize and own being an artist and what that means to me.  So many of the stories I told myself,  kept me from the truth of  the creator I really am.  However when I look back, there was always creativity going on at some level. So this journey continues. And finally realizing that I truly am a working artist, is a wonderful thing.


Working Artist

Cathedral Cove V

So apart from teaching others how to unfold their own creativity for 16 hours a week, I now spend as much of the rest of my time as I can, engaged with my creative process.

There are of course many different roles one engages in during the course of creating art works and finally exhibiting them.

  • Updating Inventory and keeping the studio stocked with –  ie paints, canvas, stretcher bars, screws, staples, string, paint brushes etc.
  • Artist Dates
  • Planning – Choosing what to paint – long and short term, building a bigger picture
  • Research – Finding galleries, looking for subject matter, mining personal histories..

And of course that doesn’t take into account any of the regular other stuff one has to do, like shopping, picking kids up from school, cooking, cleaning…… yada, yada, yada…..

To continue unfolding my working artist, here are 2 more paintings in the cave series.

The Working Artist - Cathedral Cove VI

Cathedral Cove VI

Tp paint this image I again turned the previous painting upside down and proceeded to paint it . Interestingly it can really be viewed either way. And this way it becomes an entirely different proposition

The Working Artist - Cathedral Cove VI

Cathedral Cove VI The Right Way Up

I then pushed the  image even further, into the following work…….

Working artist - Cathedral Cove IX

Cathedral Cove IX

Next Post: But wait – there’s more! Look out for the next installment in the Cathedral Cove series


Gathering Part 2 – More on  Artist Dates.

I have a couple of questions about your artist dates..

  • Did you get yourself a nice blank notebook on your first artist date last week?
  • Did you record your first artist date?

Schedule time in your calendar to do this on a weekly basis. This time has to be NON NEGOTIABLE!! You will be amazed at the number of things that come up to try and sabotage this time.

When this happens, the first thing to do is FEEL into how this makes you feel… angry, sad, frustrated, annoyed,hopeless?  What is it? And allow yourself to really feel it.  Is there anything under that – deeper down.  This is important because these things that are coming up for you in that moment are going to be blocks to your creativity and they need to be felt and allowed to dissipate, rather than shoved back down and forgotten. Cry if you need to. Rage at your punching bag or what ever.  However don’t project your emotion onto anyone else, because this isn’t about  them it’s about you.

Once you do this, you will find that the universe stops sending you all these annoying interruptions! Okay so now you have your book and some time, we just need something to do, somewhere to go…. One of my favourite Artist Dates is going to interesting curio shops, where you find all manner of interesting things like these …….

Artist Dates special finds



or these…..

Artists Dates special finds

So next make a list of things you would love to do for your Artist Dates.

Write the list in your Artist Date Journal. Perhaps put it at the back so it is easy to find and you can add to it whenever you want.  You might even want to represent it on a mind map, so it can grow organically, as one thing will often lead you into something else. Now decide where/what you are going to do for the next 2 artist dates and schedule them in your Day Planner.  Always be at least a week ahead with what you want to do, so you can plan for it in advance and don’t give yourself any opportunity to make excuses of the I’m not prepared to do that variety. Make sure to take your notebook and your phone or camera. Take fotos and make notes about your artist dates every time you go on one.


This Weeks Question: Would you like to share some of the things you like to do for an artist date to give all of us some inspiration? Please post a comment.

Next week look for:  Discussion on another artist quality – that of Dreaming and Imaginating

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