News From The Studio

So, back at the coal face again. This week’s news from the studio is that I have a couple of paintings on the go at the moment, as well as several ideas floating around in my head of course.  It’s too soon to share the whole image, however I have a detail shot for you of the next Mythic Journey painting and a new study that I’ve been working on.

So here’s the Mythic Journey III Detail

News From The Studio,Mythic Journey III Detail

Mythic Journey III Detail


As you can probably gather from this little snippet, the journey has taken me into a much lighter space, filled with light and joy.

Below you will find a much smaller painting – only 24″ x 22″  which is part of the same series.  I did this little study as a precursor to a larger work, to try out some ideas I have for the bigger piece.

News From the studio - Study 1

Study I

I have used some different techniques in this work, underpainting in acrylics before layering on top with the oils..  The concept of layering and hidden things has always intrigued me.  Following this idea, in this work, I have done a more detailed underpainting in the small pale section that you see.  A painter who has inspired me a lot in this regard is Barbara Rogers.

Her work often has many layers to it and she includes decorative and botanical detail within the work, which I really like. She also has a book published of her work called ‘The Imperative of Beauty’.  See one of her works below.


If you want to buy her book there is a link here for it.

This Weeks Question: What studio practice have you in place that holds you to keeping your work focused and progressing?

Look For Next Thursday’s Post: The Painting is done!!