One of the biggest barriers that many of us have to unlocking our own creativity, has to do with our perception of who we are or what we have or don’t have in the world. I’m too young, I’m too old, I haven’t enough money, experience, the right space, time  …… add whatever fits for you.  Of course these are all excuses.  Far better to think of oneself as an awakening creative spirit  and how you express yourself on that journey!

There’s a lot to be said for engaging with children and following their lead.  After going out for breakfast yesterday we spent the morning at the beach with grand daughter Gracie, getting creative with sand. Rediscovering the fun in building castles, moats and breakwaters we defied the incoming tide and all delighted in saving our walls gain and again.

Building Candcastles

As you can see age was no barrier here and more importantly we all spent a “delight-ful” morning together.  Everyone was totally engaged in the ‘present’, experiencing many joyful moments.  The amazing thing about creativity is that it can always take us there if we allow it to!

Today’s Question: What creative activity are you going to engage in this week that will allow you to enter ‘the present’ with a joyful and child like presence?