“Every good thought you think is contributing its share to the ultimate result of your life” Grenville Keiser.

What a great quote!

I came across a wonderful  site the other day Behance which goes a long way towards solving the dilemmas faced by creatives in business in particular. This site is organized into helpful modules that assist the organizing of the creative process which, by its very nature is often disorganized and chaotic.dreamstimefree_8571973

I was impressed that Behance Founder and CEO,  Scott Belsky had the insight to set up a business like this and that there is now enough demand out there for it to be successful for them.  This is an indication that business is finally beginning to take notice and realize that creativity isn’t just something for the ‘out there’ artists.  Rather it is a powerful tool for business survival in the 21st Century.

As a creativity coach, I often find that one of the most difficult areas for creatives is to move from that ‘leading edge’ creative headspace to concrete manifestation of their wonderful ideas. The Behance Company is catering to the different working modalities that we as creatives have.  They have online organizational tools and also a great range of paper products with things like a dot grid journal and paint to make any surface into a white board area.

Photo Credit – Deamstime.com/Geraktv