I’d like to take a further look at this question from the last post in a bit more depth.

  • What does being an artist really mean to me?

Here are some thoughts on that topic.

As you go through these ideas, pay very close attention to how you ‘feel’ as you read each statement. Take your time and really understand what your body is telling you about the statement.  This is the true indicator of where you stand on the matter.  If you read one and feel a slight discomfort in the pit of your stomach or solar plexus  – you are being given an indicator that something is not quite right – examine that in more depth.

Perhaps the first thing is to define what you mean by the term  ‘artist’.  Is it someone who:

  • Makes a living from their art and works full time at it?
  • Just loves to create and doesn’t care about creating income from their art?
  • Works part time arting and is employed in a job as well and  is happy with that?
  • Is content doing their art form as a hobby?
  • Needs others approval to feel that ‘I am a real artist’.
  • Feels that, ‘I am an artist, deep within myself regardless of what others might think.’
  • Has a unique style, something that separates them from others in their field.  Is that even important to them?
Artists Palette ©2010 Kadira Jennings

Artists Palette ©2010 Kadira Jennings