Brush Work  – Mileage Upon The Canvas

Have you ever wondered how many miles an artist covers on a canvas when they are painting a work of art? Depending on your artistic discipline, the brush mileage may differ somewhat. There are often different types of brush work within the one painting. You will see here that I am beginning with what is called the fat over lean principle.  This means that I lay down very thin layers of paint at the start.

Brush Work

So this week saw, the beginning of a new work. It is similar to the last one, continuing the story of the soul’s journey into the light. Having left the dark night of the soul – I haven’t quite painted that one fully yet, for now I have moved further into the light.

Mythic Journey 2a

Brush Strokes - Mythic Journey Kadira Jennings












Above are the preliminary drawings …….

Below is the first paint, I begin by blocking in the dark and then putting a first layer of pale grey over the light area….

Brush Strokes - Mythic Journey Kadira Jennings Brush Strokes - Mythic Journey Kadira Jennings


You will note that in the last picture I have also painted a tonal study of the folds of the fabric, in preparation for the upper fabric layers.  At this stage, I’m still deciding on what the final dress colour will be.

Look For Next Thursday’s Post: Come back and see what the finished painting looks like.

Pix Credits: Photo of brushes  by jenni from the block