What is an artistic fingerprint?

fingerprint photo


Well the most important thing about a fingerprint of course is that it is unique.  No one can copy or duplicate yours.  So what does this have to do with art?

Quite a lot really.  Let me ask you a question.

What is unique about your art?

If you put up several of your works on a wall with another five or ten artists, could you immediately tell yours apart from theirs?

So what kind of things make up an artistic fingerprint?  To begin with you need to have a body of work. This is a collection of several works, 10-20 at least .  The more the merrier.  It is only when you have several works, that you can put them all together and see if they all look like they are done by the same artist.  Now some artists have a very distinctive style.  One who springs to mind is Carolee S Clark .  As you can see below her work really stands out. – check out her website to see a group of her works together and you will get a good idea of her fingerprint.

Artistic fingerprint Birch Banter Carolee Clark

Birch Banter Carolee Clark

Compare this to my own work and you will see an immediate difference.

The Dance of Life - Kadira Jennings,New Romantic Paintings

The Dance of Life

There is no way we could be mistaken for the same artist as our artistic fingerprint is very different.

Some of the things that we see here are the use of a very different palette and a different mood to the painting.  Carolee uses bright, pure colour while my palette is much more subdued using reduced colours.

Now I am going to show you two more works, done by the same artists.  Both use a similar, bright palette, however they are still very different styles.


Carolee Clark – West Hills Farm

The Meeting 28x24

Kadira Jennings – The Meeting

If we compare these two paintings, you can now see similarities, however my palette is still more reduced that Carolee’s.  Some of the brushwork is also a little similar, however Carolee, still has that very stylized element to her work. It would be quite a stretch to think they were done by the same artist.

So you can see that there can be similarities, however a unique artistic fingerprint need to be just that. ….unique.

This week’s question: What is unique about your art?

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Posted By: Kadira Jennings