Changes To The Blog

Time for a change


So what’s changing? I’ve decided to go back to posting on a Monday as I did for many years. I only began posting on a Thursday because I was actually posting twice a week for a while, however I found I just couldn’t manage it long-term. So I trust you will weather the change OK and come read my posts on a Monday.  I am going to post some snippets this week from the past – you may have missed them, or perhaps you will enjoy them again.

‘You cannot separate yourself from your art. Art is the expression of your creative self.  No matter what you choose to craft – a film, a painting, a novel, it says something about who you are because you are the one who chose that particular thing to do and share with the world.’


Gracies Butterfly

Gracie’s Butterfly

This creative expression becomes intrinsic to the full exploration of our lives. Without it we tend to stutter and splutter, stall and fade for we are not following our ‘raison d’etre’.

Inner Being - digital art work by Kadira Jennings

Inner Being – Wonder ©2005 Kadira Jennings Digital Print


The challenge is to be alert enough to signals/signs from the Universe, God, the great spirit – what ever you want to call it/him/her. Pay attention to things that catch your attention, that you are drawn to – even if you don’t understand why at the time, for these are the things we are meant to explore.


Waterhole ©2000 Kadira Jennings

Waterhole ©2000 Kadira Jennings – Oil on Canvas

And above – I leave you with – A blast from the past!



See you then……

This Weeks Question: If something you are doing doesn’t serve you, do you change it?

Look For Next Thursday’s Post:  More on what to do with older works

Pix Credit: Photo of the world by geralt (Pixabay)