Creating Art is something creative people are driven to do. Well yes, I know that’s stating the obvious, however it is important and hence the emphasis.
Art touches our lives – all our lives, in some way every day. You know that’s a thought I’ve only just had! Have you ever thought about that? How many things have you looked at, used  or noticed today, that were involved in the creative process in some way?  Well If you can’t think of anything, look again – every single thing in this world, whether made by man or God, began as a creative thought in someone’s head. God is Creating Art on a grand scale, while we mostly offer up a pale imitation of that.  Well that’s to be expected don’t you think – we’re working with finite resources after all!

Creating Art -  cathedral cove photo

Creating art – the ultimate Creator at work!

Of course there is the age-old debate about what is art, real art, and so forth.  So much of what is ‘accepted’ in the ‘Art World’, the world of galleries and museums, is all about who you know and how much BS you can rave on about.

Creating art - the Pieta photo

The Pieta – a truly moving work of art. Standing in the presence of this sculpture, one experiences a profound connection to the piece – it is extraordinary.


Some art will demand an emotional response from us – depending on where our hearts are, at the time, this response may be joyful or painful – it is different for everyone. Truly great art will stand the test of time, however unfortunately, much of it never sees the light of day, or is hidden away in people’s private collections.

Consider how people line up around the block and camp out overnight to buy a new iPhone when it comes out.  What drives them to do this? We don’t quite see this level of passion when it comes to buying the art work of well-known living artists. However truly admired ones will have their shows sell out before the opening night even. I believe many of these buyers, although they may like the artist’s work a lot, really have just as much of an eye on the potential of the piece to gain in value.  It is an investment. An iPhone is a shiny plaything!

Although I said last week that I would be posting more about the dresses this week, I have decided to put that off till next week.  As I’ve changed somewhat, how I’m posting on the blog, I’ve decided to keep you updated with my work every second week and on the other week to post my usual content about Art Practice, Creativity and general things of interest to creative folk.

This week’s question: What creative works ignite your passion and inspire you to create art?

Look For Next Thursday’s Post: Works in progress. Where are the dresses going?

Posted by: Kadira Jennings



Photo by John Englart (Takver)

Photo by archer10 (Dennis) (3 DAYS TO GO)