Creating the life you want‘Creating The Life You Want’…. In the personal development field this phrase has become a little hackneyed of late as everyone attempts to sell you their recipe for achieving this rather elusive dream. What if we were to look at it another way, shift the paradigm and really think about it from the point of view of owning and understanding what truly amazing creative beings we are.

I would imagine that many of you reading this blog are creative in some way, artists, writers, dancers, actors perhaps. You are therefore more aware of the creative process than the majority of people. Do you ever stop to think about how you create?

  • How does it feel to be in the ‘zone’ so to speak?
  • Is there anything that precedes it or follows it?
  • When do you find you do your best creative work?
  • Is there anything that assists you; music, coffee, drugs etc and how or why do these things make a difference?
  • Can you pinpoint exactly what that feeling or state feels like to you?

If you knew the answers to all these questions, do you think it might be easier to work through your creative blocks, including getting started in the first place?

And what does any of this have to do with creating the life you want?  Well understanding how you best create on one level can be transferred to other areas of your life.

It seems to be a rather sad but true fact that many artists expect, believe, that being poor goes with the territory.  That ony a few lucky ones can ‘make it’. This is only a belief. However as long as we believe that it will be true.

So how does my artistic/creative process help with this?

When I cross reference my artistic process with manifesting the things I want in my life I find that the process is remarkably similar and it comes down to a couple of things really.

  • One is about being open. This requires letting go of the control but showing up and being present. I get my greatest inspiration and guidance as to what comes next in my creative endeavours, when I enter a semi meditative state.  I literally sit and wait for the answer and after a timeless interval experience a knowing of what comes next. This is a totally non verbal communication. It takes place at some other level, and presents it’s self as a certainty as to what comes next.
  • However this only works, if I find a way to get out of my own way.  Conscious thought inhibits or slows it down.
Waiting for Inspiration

Waiting for Inspiration

Therefore it follows that if I was to follow a similar process in relation to things I want showing up in my life, that I might achieve some degree of success.  I have to report that this is absolutely true.  The manifesting process is actually quite simple in theory, it is the practise that is difficult for many of us, largely due to our own mental and emotional conditioning.

It is my belief that I get the results and answers I need when creating because I generally have no negative charge or attachment to the out come. Rather I am in a state of positive expectation. However in our everyday lives, we often tend to focus not only on the thing we want but even more so on the absence of it, the ‘I don’t have it’, ‘When am I going to get it’ ‘Why is it taking so long’ kind of thought processes.  These thoughts are also often accompanied by a rather heavy negative emotional charge.

So guess what we get? That which we have brought into being by thinking and feeling lots about! In many cases this is the very thing we don’t want! The trick then is what?

  • Firstly have great clarity about what you DO want.
  • Then let it go – forget about it on the conscious level.
  • However maintain a positive emotional feeling and expectation about it.
  • Get curious about it.
  • This can be achieved by thinking and feeling into  some of the following ideas: Wouldn’t it be nice if…..    I wonder what it would be like to experience…….     I am willing to receive …… into my life now.

What do you want to manifest in your life right now? How can your creative process help you to do that?

Today I have an interesting video from world creativity expert Ken Robinson,

speaking at the 2011 World festival Of Creativity in Cannes in June 2011.

As always he has great insight into creativity and how we manage it.

Do you think we are all creative?
Do you believe that creativity is something as intrinsic to us as the blood in our veins?

Pix Credit

I’d like to take a further look at this question from the last post in a bit more depth.

  • What does being an artist really mean to me?

Here are some thoughts on that topic.

As you go through these ideas, pay very close attention to how you ‘feel’ as you read each statement. Take your time and really understand what your body is telling you about the statement.  This is the true indicator of where you stand on the matter.  If you read one and feel a slight discomfort in the pit of your stomach or solar plexus  – you are being given an indicator that something is not quite right – examine that in more depth.

Perhaps the first thing is to define what you mean by the term  ‘artist’.  Is it someone who:

  • Makes a living from their art and works full time at it?
  • Just loves to create and doesn’t care about creating income from their art?
  • Works part time arting and is employed in a job as well and  is happy with that?
  • Is content doing their art form as a hobby?
  • Needs others approval to feel that ‘I am a real artist’.
  • Feels that, ‘I am an artist, deep within myself regardless of what others might think.’
  • Has a unique style, something that separates them from others in their field.  Is that even important to them?
Artists Palette ©2010 Kadira Jennings

Artists Palette ©2010 Kadira Jennings

This is a pretty big subject and one I will be returning to many times I suspect – as the inspiration takes me.

What to do when you can’t create?  Whether you have been regularly creating or not, at some point you will find  yourself in the Sahara of creativity.

What to do?  What causes it?

In my experience, creative droughts are often caused by life interventions – i.e.  relationship breakups, major or even minor illnesses of self or family member, building a house, moving or the death of some one close,  just to mention a few.

Creative Blocks

Creative Blocks

Creative blocks are often accompanied by feelings of boredom, apathy, restlessness, being stuck, being uninspired by anything, guilt, ineffectiveness and probably a dozen other negative emotions or thought patterns.

The answer people – lies within.  Ultimately being creative requires Courage, Perseverance and Discipline.  I’ve heard it said that there are only 2 emotions – Love and fear and I think it would be fair to say that the above list of negative vibrational states all fall into the fear category.  The problem with this is that fear tends to make us contract, implode, withdraw in on ourselves which is the direct opposite of the creative process.  Creativity is a process of expansion.  We live in an expanding universe from the molecular to the stellar level.  We are part of that expansion.  Sorry getting carried away there!

Which inspired me to find this video on YouTube. – Now this is simply AWESOME creativity at its most amazing!!! How beautiful this is.

To come back to the question of what can I do?  The first thing to do is be kind to yourself.  The more you stress about being stuck the more stuck you will be.  Its like getting stuck in one of those endless loops your computer goes into sometimes, when the only thing that works is to shut it down.  Well I guess we are kind of the same.  Like all things – what you focus on is what you are creating.  So the more you focus on being stuck – well how deep is the hole you can dig yourself into.

The problem is, this then flows on into all other areas of your life.  If your creativity is not working, you’ll probably find that not much else is working either.  Or if it is you are really  only in a lull because eventually that desire to create will keep gnawing away at you until you take notice of it.

The creative in us demands expression.

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