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This post offers a new way of coming at our New Year goals. First I want to share with you some thoughts on the creative thinking process and then take a look at how we can apply them to the subject of goal planning.

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There are three basic principles behind all tools for creative thinking. 
These tools are attention, escape, and movement. Even though we may come across many different creative thinking techniques, the core principle behind all of them involves one of these three things.
So what do we mean by attention, escape, or movement. The word attention relates to the focus of our attention, in other words where are you focusing your attention, what are you focusing it on? Escape refers to escaping the current reality and movement is about continuing mental movement. What I find fascinating is that these principles can be applied to pretty much any given situation.

How might this work in relation to charting our a New Year’s goals then? 

You would need to begin by focusing your attention on what you achieved the previous year. Make a list of milestones. Let’s say for example you had 2 group exhibitions and entered 3 art prizes, however had only limited sales from these events. Do you want a different result in the coming year, if so changing your results requires change at a fundamental level. 

Now if you apply – escaping current reality to the problem, you might think about it like this … 

Begin by asking questions like

What if I took a different approach?

Do you know anything about the Law of Attraction? If you don’t – this could be an avenue to check out.  If you do, look at your results in terms of what you actually attracted (created) for yourself in terms of sales.  Could this have had anything to do with your own mindset? 

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Lastly, applying the principle of movement to these thoughts, do two things.  Firstly keep exploring the suggested avenue and come up with an alternative solution to what you’ve done before.  Remember that if you keep doing what you’ve always done, you will get the same thing you always have. Secondly go back to the problem again and look to see if there are other unique steps or actions you can take that will give you a different outcome to that already achieved. Allow your mind to wander at random. Look for  things you wouldn’t normally expect. Write everything down.


This Weeks Question: Changing our results requires change at a fundamental level. What fundamental changes will you make this year? 

Look For Next Week’s Post: A fabulous new resource for planning your year – just come to hand!!



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I am beginning a series of posts/articles, which relate to creativity in business, a subject I have barely touched upon yet.

Many businesses these days pay lip service to innovation, without truly understanding that ALL innovation is driven by creativity and that the creative process has it own set of anti rules, parameters and processes which don’t fit into corporate rules, boxes and traditional ways of thinking.

We spend more of our lives working, either for ourselves if we have our own business or for someone else if we are employed, than we spend doing anything else. Which ever applies to you, I have a couple of questions –

  • Do you consciously use creativity or creative thinking in your day-to-day working life?
  • Do you think it is a general creative ‘bent’ that you have or are you more aware that you have and use your own ‘creative genius’ in your working life.

Now if you are not an ‘artist per se’ or you don’t work in a ‘creative’ type of business you may well be saying something like “what creative genius” what!!….

Didn’t anyone tell you before that you have one? Well I’m here to let you know – if there was ever any doubt about it, that you do.  And the scariest thing about that, is owning up to the fact that you might be really good at something.  Why is that?

Pretty simple really, if I am truly good at something then that might lead me to…….see full article

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