Myth #2 We aren’t all born creative – and I don’t have a creative bone in my body. Why do people think that do you suppose? Could it be that they really believe it, or is it that they just don’t understand the nature of creativity?

To really embrace this idea that we are creative we must first understand the nature of creativity. What is it?  How do I know that I have it?

We tend to have very limiting beliefs around creativity, what it is and how we do it. People generally tend to think of art and it’s offshoots, to be what creativity is all about.

Think about your life. When did you really, really, really want something? How did that something arrive? It began with seeing or hearing about something and having feelings about that thing. This may or may not have had anything to do with art. From the feelings, your desire for that thing began to grow which in turn made you feel good when you thought about it….. and so it goes on until that thing turns up in your life.

Sometimes this happens in a way that you could never have planned or arranged in a million years.  However the fact remains that you have created it – your thoughts and emotions created it! This is true creativity…….. and it’s what we all do every day of our lives.  We can create anything we want so long as we focus on the positive aspects of that thing, have good feelings about it believe in the possibility of it……and not the absence of it or the not having of it.

So how does this relate to creativity and art, if we are all born with this ability to create anything. It means that what ever our area of interest, from cooking or wood working to facilitating, or accountancy – we can bring our own flair, our own flavour if you like to that thing.  We can create new ways of doing things, making things or transferring information.  This is all creativity.

This weeks Question: Can you make a list of ALL the creative things you currently do in your life?

A friend sent me these amazing photos this week of a flower festival that takes place in  “Bloemencorso” Zundert in the Netherlands. This event began in 1936 as a flower parade and has since become the become the oldest and most celebrated flower festival  in Europe. Ever since it began, Zundert in the Netherlands has hosted an annual flower show Bloemencorso. On average 50,000 visitors come to the town to look at the brilliant flower displays.

Giraffes made from Dahlia Flowers

Giraffes made from Dahlia Flowers


Something's Fishy

Something’s Fishy




Here is a link to a Video of the procession…..I think the next one is my favourite – I just love the cows! To think all these things are made with flowers is just mind blowing!! And yet you know the people who do these probably consider themselves quite ordinary and ‘uncreative’

Flowering Cows

Flowering Cows

This Weeks Question: How can you use flowers to enhance the quality of your life and your creativity?



Christmas Star - Water color Kadira Jennings

Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas Season filled with Joy, Abundance and Happiness in all things.

Thank you for coming here and reading my thoughts and musings on creativity.  I hope I have provided some inspiration for you over the past 12 months and look forward to continuing on into the coming year. At Christmas after The Day is over, we often find some spare time on our hands.  Don’t waste the opportunity to follow your creative free spirit at this time.

And keep on creating …………..

Something that occurred to me today, was to talk about how we engage with creativity; why we do or don’t engage with it and about making time for it. There are many issues here to look at, so let’s list them to begin an ongoing discussion. Of course there may well be more than this.

1. We are all creative – except me that is.

2. We aren’t all born creative and I don’t have a creative bone in my body.

3. I love being creative, I just can’t seem to find the time.

4. Creativity is for weirdos and I don’t want to be like that.

5. I’m a businessman/woman and I don’t have the time or inclination for creativity.

6. What use is creativity anyway?

7. I’ll get back to it when my kids are older or I retire.

8. I can’t earn a living being creative – starving artist syndrome.

9. I wish I could be creative, I just don’t know where to start.

10. Creativity is just an excuse to not be responsible.

11. Get a REAL job.

There are probably many, many more statements that spring to mind, and you know what, we all have our own special one.  I’m sure you may have said some of these very things to your self at one time or another. So I am going to begin at the beginning, because at the core of every single one of these statements are two very important things which are addressed in the first two items on the list.  Really everything else stems from them!

1. FIRSTLY – it is a universal principle – we are ALL creative and YOU are NOT  the exception!

In order to address these statements let’s look at the whole idea of creativity a little more closely. The first thing to be clear about is that there is nothing original under the sun. All creativity is built on the shoulders of those who have gone before. Even The Renaissance had it’s seeds in the cave paintings of the ancients. When we create an ‘original’ work we are always using some element of something that some one before us has created, even if it is a beautiful landscape we are sitting in, not even a photograph of one. The amazing Creator of our planet created it.

Often as artists we get bogged down in the place of, I’ve got to produce something new and original, something awesome that no one has ever done before. I think that secretly there is a little bit of that wish in all of us. However do you think that expectation is either realistic or possible?

What we can achieve is something that may appear to be original but is founded on past works. I did a series of paintings in 2011-2012 that actually honoured the creators before us. I used various elements, from Ancient Greece, to a facade from Venice, old clocks and so on.  Below is one of these works.



The boy is a statue from Ancient Greece, the golden leaves from a piece of ancient Roman glassware, the lace work from a Venetian window and the Roman numerals on the clock are from an old clock in Sydney.

This Weeks Question: What can you use to build on that someone else before you has already created?

Let’s talk about the internal dialogue.

There is a voice in your head, we all have one, which loves putting us down and gets really skittish about truthful acknowledgement of the good stuff – well for most of us anyway.  So what does this voice really do for us?

It’s number one mission is to protect us.  So how is that not helpful?
In order to protect us it keeps us small.

  •  Don’t let yourself be noticed to much,
  • Don’t put your hand up too often or make waves, you might get hurt, physically or emotionally etc.

So the longer term effects of following this voice is that we don’t step out of our comfort zone.  We don’t push our boundaries in any area of our lives, mentally, physically, emotionally or creatively. Why else do you think that the world is filled with people who vegetate on the couch watching the opiate of TV night after night. And if  life is ‘really bad’ they will also get drunk or stoned while they are doing it.  Oblivion – you don’t have to deal with your relationships with either yourself or others.

Let me ask you – how many hours a week do you watch TV or DVD’s?
Don’t get me wrong, there are interesting and even relevant programs on the box but as a way of life, what a waste. TV kills creativity.
Right now if you are a TV watcher, your internal dialogue guy or gal is probably going ballistic convincing you that you deserve some ‘down time’ which I don’t dispute at all.  However when was the last time that you did something that you really enjoy in that time, instead of vegging out?

Watching TV

Head in the box

So many people say to me that they just don’t have time to be, or they just aren’t creative and you know what – that is Pure Unadulterated Bull Shite!

How can I say that? Because it’s true.
If you aren’t creating it’s because you don’t really want to.  If you did you would make the time, find the resources or whatever it takes. At least be honest about it to yourself if not to others!!!

So bottom line – this voice can be your Best Friend OR your Worst Enemy! and guess what ? You get to choose which it will be.

How ?

Take control.  Become more present to every moment. What am I thinking? What am I feeling? And of these two the last is the most important. We have been taught to avoid, mask, discount and suppress our feelings.  So let’s ask another question….

What is creativity really about?

It is an expression of who we truly are at any given moment. Sometimes it will manifest in creative i.e. artistic type works such as dance, writing, painting etc. At others it will turn up as the on going creation of a beautiful relationship.  After all a relationship is just as much a space we live in as our interior decor. Do we pay more attention to our cushions than our partners? All creativity flourishes in a space of appreciation.  So this brings me back to taking control.
One way we can do this is to begin daily acts of appreciation e.g.

1. EVERYDAY make a list of at least 3 things that you appreciate about yourself!!
2. Write a daily list of at least 5 things you found to appreciate during the day.
3. Find at least 2 reasons you appreciate your partner every day and TELL THEM.
4. If you have kids that goes for them too.  When was the last time you told anyone that you really appreciate something about them?

If you do these simple things you will find that your internal dialogue begins to change. It’s tone will lift and you may even begin to find yourself indulging in spontaneous acts of creativity.  Suddenly inspired to put extra effort into the evening meal, or taking yourself out for a walk on the beach.

Today’s Question: Can you commit to a whole week of  appreciation aka the list above?


Pix Credit: Clara Natoli

My post today comes to you via the magnificient  thoughts and creativity of Leslie Owen Wilson.  She has kindly consented to me using this information which I found on her site recently. I urge you to visit her if you are at all interested in creativity as she is an absolute goldmine of information. Thank you so much Leslie for allowing me to post this and I trust that it will inspire my readers as much as it has inspired me.

©Leslie Owen Wilson 1997, 2004, restrictions on usage

Personal reminders –

some sacred rules for fostering creativity:


1. Often creativity flourishes in places of safety and acceptance, and is born in an atmosphere of generosity, support, and nurturance.

2. Creativity grows among friends and celebrations, and withers among enemies and confrontations.

3. Creative ideas are often fragile — like children creative ideas and people deserve protection.

 4. Creative successes are often preceded by failures — for explorations, musings, daydreams, flights of fancy, trial and error are the natural companions of creativity.

5. Creating is a distinctly human trait. Exploring and fulfilling one’s creative spirit is a sacred trust — a potential given not just to selected individuals, but to all humans.

6. Violating someone else’s creativity is an assault on the very essence of another’s inner being.

7. Feedback on creative ideas and products should be supportive, and should build on strengths, never concentrate solely on weaknesses.

8. Often born from internal or external chaos, dissonance, strife, or disequilibrium, creative production can be a way of creating order, dealing with anger or grief, or solving problems as individuals seek to regain balance.

9. Being creative can be exhilarating, even addictive, and the creative spirit can be wonderfully contagious.

10. If one wishes to observe, appreciate and encourage creativity in oneself and others, one must learn to be quiet and still, to listen, and to watch, and see with the heart as well as the eyes.

You may have come across some or all of these ideas before, however I think it never hurts to be reminded again.

Today’s Question:  Can you add one more idea here to Leslie’s? Please post if you can add to this collective wisdom.

Woy Woy  Beach

Woy Woy Beach


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