One of the things about the age that we live in is that we tend to compartmentalize our lives in order to cope with the huge volume of stuff we have to do every day.

Therefore when it comes to being creative we also put that into boxes. A box for inspiration, one for creating, one for marketing and so on. Now that’s OK, EXCEPT when we get stuck in one of those boxes and find ourselves on a bit of a detour so to speak. One of the really big boxes we can get stuck in is the INSPIRATION box. If we are constantly searching for inspiration and feeling that we don’t have enough to get started with, we can end up producing nothing for a very long time.



Tap and hose pipe

A far better way to think about our creative projects is that they are a flow, a process. Yes of course we need the inspiration and excitement that generate a project, however we do not want to become addicted to the high of this stage of the process. Inspiration is like water that flows down a hose. It’s no use so long as it is stuck in the tap or if the hose has kinks in it cutting off the flow. It’s also no good to us if we are pointing the hose in the wrong direction.

So if you find yourself never being able to get started, or you get stuck in the middle of something, ask yourself where you are in the flow?


Creative Flow

Creative Flow


This Weeks Question: How well does the water of your creative process flow? Where are the kinks in your hose?

Creative Fun

This week I had to organize my 7yr old granddaughters birthday party.  It’s been a long time since I last did this – so it was a bit of a shock to the system.

Thanks to the Internet, it wasn’t too difficult to come up with a bunch of party games.  However like all military operations you can plan as well as you like but as my father was so fond of saying ‘ the map is not the territory’.  This is certainly true for kids parties.  You must be prepared for things like one kid who is far to smart for their own good, finding one of the treasure hunt clues out of order and throwing the whole thing into disarray….. ahhhh!! need I say more!

So we firstly got creative turning my studio into a party room.

Party Preparations

Party Preparations


And the kids got creative at the party with butterfly cut outs, jewels, stickers and glitter – a perfect party activity for girls. They loved it!

Gracies Butterfly

Gracies Butterfly


Next are some of the other children’s creations!

Butterfly 1


Butterfly 2

Butterfly 2


 Today’s Question: What object do you have in your house that you have been meaning to decorate for ages and never got around to doing ? Can you schedule some time this week to do it?

I have mentioned recently a couple of quotes from a book on creativity that I am currently reading.  This is one of the best books on creativity and the creative process that I have come across so far. The book, “Creativity” by Osho takes a really good look at creativity and it’s place in modern human development.

Osho goes so far as to state that “Creativity is the greatest rebellion in existence. If you want to create

you have to get rid of all conditionings; otherwise your creativity will be nothing but copying, it will be just a carbon copy.  You can be creative only if you are an individual, you cannot create as part of  mob psychology…… is uncreative, it lives a dragging life, it knows no dance, no song, it is mechanical.”

This book is a handbook for those who are serious about understanding Creativity and what it takes to be creative.  Whether you are already an artist or a company director, it holds the key to understanding how to better assimilate creativity into your life and your business.  I came across this book in one of those synchronous moments that we all have now and then.  A dear friend and I were looking for a subject for a creative challenge that we could both use.  We were in a bookshop at the time and went around to the poetry and spiritual type section of the bookshop.  My eye fastened upon this book and it kind of almost leapt off the shelf and opened itself at the following page, where he says….

“You have a song in your heart to be sung and you have a dance to be danced, but the dance is invisible, and the song-even you have not heard it yet.  It is deep down hidden in the innermost core of your being; it has to be brought to the surface, it has to be expressed.  That’s what is meant by self -actualization.”  

This so struck us both that we decided this would be our challenge – to produce a creative piece that expresses these words somehow.


This Weeks Question:  How would you express the last quote in your own creative way?

On the way home form Canberra the other week we stopped in for a lunch break at the very creative town of Berri.  One of my favourite things was this picture I took outside one of  the shops.

Cow With Proteas

Cow With Proteas


This is a outside a hardware shop.  I just loved all the buckets of proteas with the cow.

Then we went to a small craft gallery around the corner which was filled with beautiful things….. glass ware

Beautiful Glassware Vases

Beautiful Glassware Vases


And some unusually shaped slumped glassware also caught my eye.  This one would make a great centre piece for a table.

Slumped Glass Centre Piece

Slumped Glass Centre Piece

Also I loved these different silk scarves – such a gorgeous range of colours.

Silks  - beautiful autumn, summer colours

Silks - beautiful autumn, summer colours

And plates that look good enough to eat themselves!


Hand crafted plates

Hand crafted plates

This weeks Question:  Where have you  been lately that inspired you? And if you haven’t been anywhere, where might you go?



I must apologize for this weeks late posting.  This is the first time in two years of posting that I haven’t  made my posting deadline  :(  …  One of those life interrupt phases – Oh my gosh I’m not perfect after all !!  Anyway, here  are this week’s words of wisdom ……

The fourth Sunday of every month  the Avoca Beach Side markets are held.  These markets are known throughout the Central Coast, for their quality hand made goods, interesting stalls, and variety of quality items for sale.  There is everything from Retro….


Record Player

to strawberries…




And other inventive food.  Here we have the last of our yummy cup cakes.

Yummy Cup Cakes


One  of the mist creative things I saw this month was on Tanya’s stall.  She is involved with a project helping women in Uganda to support themselves through the creation of  beaded jewellery using paper from used magazines? This project is called The Little Blue Shed.

Recycled magazine jewellery

They make a great variety of items every thing from beads and key rings to necklaces and bags.

Beaded bags

This weeks question: What things do you recycle or reuse in your home?  What other things might you reuse?


It’s that age old problem……… how to keep one’s children entertained during the school holidays. On the Central Coast there are a wide range of out door activities that you can do with the kids both indoors and out doors, free or paid for.  Here are some ideas……

  • For something a bit different, why not take them on a guided tour of the Norah Head light house?  The link tells you all about it.
Norah Head Light House

Norah Head Light House

  • Of course there are the standard attractions like the Reptile Park or the Ice Skating rink at Erina.
  • However something you might not have thought of are the Art Classes they have for kids at the Gosford Regional Gallery.  There is a range of creative activities for children of different ages and sizes.
  • Here is a great craft resource for kids on line – at Enchanted Learning you will find things for all ages and subjects.  This link takes you to their page of simple puppets to make.
  • For other ideas my April Newsletter had a special section  devoted to ideas for kids.
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