A foray into the Celestine Prophecies recently acquainted me with the idea that the first stage of spiritual awakening is when we perceive beauty within everything, that all things have their own inherent beauty.  As a creative person, this is something that resonates very deeply with me.  I find it fascinating therefore that some people who profess to have great spiritual insight, put forward the idea that this world is just a place of suffering and misery and basically ugly and un-spiritual along with everyone in it.

Morning Light on the water

And yet there so so much beauty everywhere we look if we but have the eyes to see it.  One of the great benefits of training in the visual arts – painting, drawing etc is that you are taught to see the world in a very different way. You learn to be more present to your surroundings and pay attention to things that would otherwise completely pass you by.

Today’s Question: What loveliness can you find in your world today?

Stream Flowers

In the last post I was speaking about people being ‘full cups’, an affliction which unfortunately often affects people in authority positions – CEO’s, small business owners, long serving employees.

Now what do they all have in common? It could be called ‘the familiarity breeds blindness syndrome’. We are living in a rapidly changing world – something many people do not really fully comprehend as yet.  Old ways of doing things no longer work, business models are changing.  Methods that sold widgets 20, 10  or even 5 years ago  will not work well today. We have moved from the information age into the age of creativity.  There are a few major business on the world stage, some of the bigger corporations that have cottoned on to this and consequently, now employ  creativity experts on their staff.

What does this have to do with familiarity and blindness?  People or businesses that are in a rut tend to just repeat the same old same old.  Because it worked once it should still work. This approach however ignores one of the fundamental laws of the universe, which is that change is the only certainty. The advantage  creativity experts have is that they are trained to think differently, they don’t see the world through the same paradigm as everyone else and they are not attached to a particular outcome.  Therefore they can be open to all possibilities. They also have high pattern recognition skills, which allow them to follow paths, others cannot perceive.

The faster the world moves, the more need we have for creative thinkers, just to help the rest of us keep up.

Today’s Question: How are you managing to see around the blind spots in your own life?

A friend shared these photos recently in an email.  They are such fun I had to share them with you – brings a whole new perspective to farming don’t you think?

What farm boys do when they get bored!!!

Haystacks 1

Haystacks 6

Hay Henge – Awesome!!!

Haystacks 3

Haystacks 4

This satellite dish is just amazing – I mean who would have ever thought of doing that with hay bales?  Certainly not me!!  I am constantly astounded by other peoples creativity.

Haystacks 9

Who would have thought that one could be soooo creative with hay bales. Some of these are just amazing.

Haystacks 8

Haystacks 10

Haystacks 11

Haystacks 13

and last but not least…..

Haystacks 16

I apologize for no Pix credits as I don’t know where they came from originally.

The more I understand the nature of change, the more I realize that all we have is NOW.  Further more, the quality of my NOW  is my life and also influences what I’m creating in the future.

When you are in touch with your creative flow you are always in the NOW.

Time doesn’t exist or becomes irrelevant. I find that many of my students often experience this, with the ending of the class seeming to creep up on them almost unawares! Their reactions lead me to believe that for many of them this is the first time in their lives they have had this experience of timeless connection to their creative source.

When we love what we are doing we are connected to our highest flow and source of well being.  Things happen effortlessly and life is good. Child blowing a dandelion How might you bring more of this grace and ease into your own life this week? What is one thing you can do to find your perfect now?

Self Sabotage

Self Sabotage - header

Creativity And Self Sabotage.  It is amazing how many ways we can find to slay our creative spark.

Let’s look at two different things we sometimes do that can be creativity slayers.

I am driven to write about self sabotage this week, because I saw it in action with one of my students recently, who I may add was completely unaware of what was transpiring at that moment.  I recognize this particular moment because I have been there myself in the past.  One reason that we come to this moment is from our desire for another’s approval of what we are doing.  We are not even  necessarily seeking praise for the quality of our work, but perhaps rather,  appreciation of our effort.

The big trap here is that,  particularly in our beginning efforts at anything, what we have done may just not measure up to someone else’s idea of good, acceptable, wonderful or whatever.  What our significant others cannot see is the effort we have put in, either the struggle or the challenges, emotional, mental or physical. So when we proudly show our fledgling efforts and don’t get an enthusiastic response we can be very easily crushed.


Not only that – the second  and absolutely  WORST thing you can do is show them something when it is only half finished. Because – it really is not going to ‘do it ‘ for them.  Yes it can sometimes be a long time in the making, several weeks even, however you do no service to either yourself or your creation by presenting it for appraisal before it is complete. Just as we have to put a cake in the oven for a certain period of time to cook or it will just be a runny mess, so too must we allow our creations time to ‘bake’ to perfection. We don’t take the cake out when it’s half cooked and start handing around slices for people to try.

Self Sabotage - You cant eat cake and stay slim

Another Form Of Self Sabotage

Creative Inspiration

This is a topic that is pretty much endless. We all find inspiration from different things;

  • The colors in a photo
  • Clouds
  • Visiting ruins
  • A trip to the circus
  • Rummaging at a fair
  • Watching the shadows on tree branches

……..to name just a few. Here are some wonderfully creative ideas others have explored, and perhaps they will give you some inspiration.

Pinned Image

Books are no longer just for reading – what other things might we do with them – This was a,  promotional piece for the Anagram Bookshop in Prague.

Pinned Image

Photo: Christine Chitnis.

I love this concept.  When we look at wooden objects, how often do we think about the tree that gave birth to them? Rarely I would think.

Then there are the wonderful creations people make out of – well just plain Junk! Re-purposing rather than recycling is becoming more and more popular.

andrew smiths recycled artworks4

And on occasion there are even practical things created such as this beauty, crafted from  stainless steel panels from old appliances and body panels from a kayak and a doghouse.


I found this on the Green Diary Blog –  they have many more interesting creations there if you want to check them out.

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