Painting Energy – the dance

Painting energy continues with the final two paintings in the dance section of this series.  These paintings have much more flow than the previous two. I feel I have captured something of the essence of the dancer’s abandon to her craft. The first, ‘Dancer’ is perhaps more successful in that than the second.

Painting Energy -  Dancer

Dancer 36″x24″

However the second painting taught me a valuable lesson about the judgement of our own work.
I was out one day and my partner had a friend around. He took her into the studio to show her my work and out of all the paintings there, she liked the second dancer the best. See below.

It was funny because John and I were talking about my work and I had said something along the lines of that one being my least favourite…… So I think that was a little lesson from the great creator about judging my work. As artists we are here to paint and send our creations out into the world for others to take home and cherish.

Painting Energy - the dance

Painting Energy – Dancer II

We can never know what special message is being passed through our paint to the viewer, as they are looking at it with their story – not ours. If they buy the work then some part of our story has touched them enough to want to own that story and what it means to them. Regardless of whether or not someone buys the work, they can still be profoundly affected just by seeing it on a gallery wall, because it touches part of their lives.

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Posted By: Kadira Jennings