How to deal with fear?

This is one of the best kept secrets in the world I think.  Well the technique deals with any emotion really, but in this case we are addressing getting rid of your fear.

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Did you know that the best thing to do when you are experiencing fear of something is to actually go into the feeling of the fear and just ‘be’  with that feeling until it peaks and dissipates.  The odd thing is, that if you actually allow yourself to experience your fear in this way,  you will no longer have the fear. It’s like it burns itself out.  Fear itself can’t hurt you.

Like any other ’emotion’  fear is just a form of energy in motion.  This is why ‘they’ say to feel the fear and do the thing anyway. If you observe little children, they experience their emotions immediately.  We are the ones who teach them to push them down, bottle them up and not feel them. The problem with this is that we get so good at it, we then have difficulty even figuring out what we are feeling.

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Now all this becomes important when trying to understand what your fears are in relation to unfolding your creativity. Unless you know what you are specifically afraid of, how can you bring it back, feel it and let it go so you are free to move on and open up your creative box?  No one can tell you this.  You have to figure it out for your self and the answers will more than likely be found in your child hood.

For example it took me a long time to figure out that a very big fear around my creativity came from a child hood experience I had……. to be continued  in the next post.

This weeks question: Can you access the childhood fear that is keeping you stuck?

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Posted By:  Kadira Jennings


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