Emergence – coming out of the darkness?

Or is it more a question of unfolding?

I suspect that all work is really in a state of emergence. Really, it is a question of deciding when it has fully emerged. This new work is called Emergence, because that is how it feels. The question is, what is emerging? Well I guess that depends on how you, the viewer feel about it.  I suspect it might be something different for each of us. This work is the third in my series dealing with clothing. Here are some photos of the work in progress and the finished painting……

It began with drawing – as posted earlier…….

Dress 1


And progressed to drawing up on the canvas…. and oops – it looks like I forgot to take any photos of the intermediate stages. Well there is one…..


Emergence,Kadira Jennings

Preliminary brush strokes after the under painting


As you can see, at this stage the work didn’t have any of the fine detail added to it.  Below is the finished work followed by some close up shots of some the details.

Emergence - The Finished Work

Emergence – The Finished Work



Emergence detail i,Kadira Jennings

Detail i



Emergence detail ii

Detail ii


Emergence detail iii

Detail iii


Emergence Detail iv

Detail iv


For more on this painting take a look at it here.

And that’s it for this week.

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Posted By: Kadira Jennings


Dancing In The Dark – Is finished!

The first of the closet works has come to its moment of being abandoned.  I would have to say that one of the great challenges is actually photographing this work.  The darks are always problematic. How to get a good photo without glare bouncing off the dark areas is very tricky. To take a look at all the works in this series so far check out Dancing In The Dark Series

Dancing In The Dark Detail, Kadira Jennings

Detail 1

You can see in the ‘detail’ above that this is not such a problem, because much of the dark area is not showing.  Hopefully by including the ‘detail’ photos, you will get a better overall idea of what the work actually looks like.

Dancing In The Dark 'detail'

Detail 2

And another one…………….

Dancing In The Dark Detail, Kadira Jennings

Detail 3

And one last detail – unfortunately there was a lot of shine in this one – but not where it matters too much….

Dancing In The Dark Detail, Kadira Jennings

Dancing In The Dark Detail

And finally, here is the finished painting!

Dancing In The Dark, Kadira Jennings

Dancing In The Dark


As you can see from the ‘details’, the final photo doesn’t do it justice at all.

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Posted By: Kadira Jennings

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