How Important Are Our Hands?

Well as an artist – my hands are supremely important to me. I always admire those artists that paint the ‘foot and mouth’ Christmas cards that we see every year. Hands are something that when we have them we just take for granted, day in and day out. The only time I probably think about them is in the winter when they get cracked and painful.

hands,Disabled painter Huang Guofu 2

Disabled painter Huang Guofu

Huang Guofu lost his arms and hands  in a tragic accident when he was four years old and began painting at around the age of twelve. The ability he has since developed would put many an amateur with arms to shame.

My inspiration for exploring this topic of the importance of hands in our lives, came from an online course friend I met recently, Janet Jordan – Sculpting hands.  She is a sculptress and has been examining this very subject in her work.

She has a fascinating article on her blog showing you how she goes about sculpting hands such as the ones you see in the figure below.

sculpting hands, Janet Jordan MD

I think it is always nice to appreciate and have gratitude for what we have, and fascinating to see what others are able to achieve who don’t have what we have. Thank you Janet for helping me to appreciate my own hands more.

Take a look at another of Huang’s works – what determination,patience and courage this man has to have achieved such a level of skill.Also thank you to you Huang for helping me to appreciate my own hands and make me wonder how much more I might be able to do with them.



Look at the scale of this work – Impressive !!!


hands Disabled painter Huang Guofu



This Weeks Question: How much do you appreciate your hands? 

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Appreciation and Gratitude – Success Strategies for the creative.

Gratitude is a quality that helps an artist appreciate his own genius. I prefer the term appreciation to gratitude really – it has a subtly different vibration and meaning to it. We can be grateful for our gifts or we can appreciate them. When we appreciate them we have more than gratitude, we are also loving ourselves. Woah – now there’s a concept many artists struggle with because they feel their work is never good enough.

“A person who doubts himself is like a man who would enlist in the ranks of his enemies and bear arms against himself. He makes his failure certain by being the first person to be convinced of it.” Ambrose Bierce.


What does this have to do with appreciation and art.  Well to become a successful artist and I don’t mean just a money making artist, after all Van Gough didn’t sell any work in his life time, we need above all to believe in ourselves.  If we don’t appreciate the gift we are trying to bring to the world, how can we expect anyone else to.

If you are only new to your creative endeavours, you may be thinking that you are only learning and so what is there to appreciate.  Isn’t it funny how we denigrate our own baby steps, and yet we smile with delight as we watch toddlers begin to crawl, or praise the  drawings and paintings of our young ones.  You need to think of yourself as that toddler because in the art world that’s what you are.  You are taking baby steps.  Appreciate them!

Appreciation -I Am Enough

Not only that, appreciate the art of others that you like.  Look for what makes your heart sing and allow it to do just that.  As your appreciation grows for others and yourself, you will open more to your own creative flow.  You will begin to appreciate the merits of your own work….. and your work will blossom.

appreciation - I'm Awesome

I’m Awesome

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Posted by : Kadira Jennings

Pix Credit: Pix from Pinterest

Maiden Sleeps II

Maiden Sleeps II

progressed from Maiden Sleeps I – as you would expect. Again it went through an orientation change and became a portrait format rather than the landscape format of the previous work.

I also decided to bring back some of the historically decorative elements that have been seen in my work before this.  For example, if you look at the design element in the work below you will get an idea of what I was thinking about.

Maiden sleeps Chronos - Kadira Jennings


So as you look at the finished version of Maiden Sleeps #II, you can see how this influence has crept back into the figures here.  I began working int his way after a trip to Europe in 2005 and wanted to incorporate some of the history of art into my work. As artists we always stand no the shoulders of those who have gone before us and I wanted to acknowledge this in some way in my work. The above work owes much to the influence of Fortuny of Venice.

And here is the Maiden sleeps II.

Maiden Sleeps II - Kadira Jennings

Maiden Sleeps II 24″x18″

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Posted by : Kadira Jennings


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