Exhibition Opening – THANK YOU EVERYONE WHO CAME!!!

Saturday afternoon – the weather was – well it is winter. Actually the sun came out and it was pretty good.

What a wonderful turn out we had. John Morris opened the show with some kind, quiet words of wisdom and congratulation. Thank you so much John we all appreciate your efforts on our behalf. John has been driving from Newcastle weekly to deliver our studio practice class despite, inclement weather, recurring bouts of the flue and managing life in general.

John Morris  Opening With Intention, Kadira Jennings

John Morris Opening ‘With Intention’

After opening the show he drove to Sydney for the opening of the Salon de Refuses as one of his works was accepted for it this year. CONGRATULATIONS John!

The Gosford Regional Gallery was very crowded with two other exhibitions opening on the same afternoon and there was a wedding as well! And the parking – well What Parking !!

John had a good point about exhibitions –

They are demarcation points along a path. They are sometimes a beginning but never should be an end in themselves. ( I filmed his opening speech, however haven’t had time to edit it yet, so look for that in a coming post)

Sometimes I feel that exhibitions are really more of a pause and may signal the end of a particular body of work. The next work often can go off at a tangent to that in the current exhibition, as the artist explores their muse further.

So the most important thing to remember when showing your paintings is that your very best painting is still inside of you and it always will be.

Exhibition Opening - Kadira Jennings

Exhibition – Handing Out The Nibbles

On the day many people came up and introduce themselves. It’s funny, one lady I spoke with said she always follows my blog and newsletter and finds them a great source of inspiration for her. Yet she has never left a comment on the blog. It was wonderful to know that all my effort is touching someone else’s life in a positive way.

Exhibitions should never be just for the purpose of selling your work.  Rather what is your intention? I believe they are an opportunity to allow others to connect with the work. Every work  that you do will touch somebody at sometime and if you don’t exhibit it you don’t give the work a chance to speak to who it was destined to speak to.

We need to bring the whole thing back to play. You played with some paint and canvas. Be proud of it! Isn’t that what a child would do? And then let it go. Let it find a new home. You have done your part, all that is required. Our works if we are open enough connect us to the Great Creator, The universal Architect. My best work always happens when I open to the flow and allow it flow through me

This Weeks Question: Have you shared your creative efforts with anyone recently? 

Look For Next Thursday’s Post:  More snippets from the Exhibitions



So – I’ve got my group – now what?

Once you know who you are going to be exhibiting with your first step is to…

Recap – you should by now be clear about

  • Why I want to put the  exhibition on
  • Who you are exhibiting with
  • What kind of a show you want to have – ie contemporary, oils, animals, photography or anything and everything

The next step is to:

  • So then make a list with 2 columns, One headed Projects and the other headed Tasks. Next, look at all the activities that are involved.  If an activity involves more than one step regard it as a Project.  If it is only 1 step then it is a Task.
  • Now sort all the items into your two columns  –Project & Tasks
Project Task Chart For Exhibitions

Project/Task Chart

The next step is to:

  • Put both the Projects and Tasks into chronological order.  I find the easiest way to do this is to start from the date the exhibition is to open and work backwards.  That way you won’t run out of time and it is easier to figure out what needs to be brought forward, or what can be put off till later.
  • I find the easiest way to do this is to put it into a Gantt chart.  There is a great free program – open source on the web, you can use for this.  Here is the down load link – Gantt Project
  • Below is a screen shot of the one I have set up for the students exhibition.
Gantt Chart For An Art Exhibition

Gantt Chart For An Art Exhibition

And the next shot show a closer view with all the tasks listed  that I need to take care of for my student’s exhibition. As you can see teh starting dates need a bit of tweaking but I like this way of doing it because its very visual when you are, looking at the whole thing and alarm bells can begin ringing if you are up to a certain date and haven’t quite done everything!

Detail of Gantt Chart For Exhibition

Detail of Gantt Chart For Exhibition

For the next few weeks I’m going to be doing a series on having exhibitions. Why?  Because I’m organizing an exhibition for my students and I thought this would be a great opportunity to share that process with you and let you have a peek at the ‘back end’ so to speak of an exhibition.

Having a group exhibition is a great way for people to have their first exhibition experience. What does this offer them?

It offers the opportunity to:

  • Take part without sole responsibility
  • Make some sales
  • A great learning experience
  • Get their work seen by a wider circle of people
  • Build their artistic self esteem and confidence
  • Network
  • Learn how to leverage their artwork into different income streams
  • Learn about art as a business.

So that’s a pretty long list of reasons to give it a go.

In the upcoming posts I will be drilling down into all the different aspects, including a look at both the physical to do’s and the mental mindset.

If you have any questions you would like answered on this topic, please ask in the comments section and I shall do my best to shine a light on that area and give you some clarity about your issue.

Photo of an art gallery

Pix Credit: Art Focus Gallery

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