New Beginnings…..

New beginnings

New beginnings

Sometimes new beginnings require getting rid of the old or decluttering.  Well this might look a tad cluttered still, however there were several paintings hanging all around the walls. There was such a different vibe in this space once I took all the paintings out of it.  It’s almost as if they were all shouting at me and vying for attention.

New Beginnings

Empty Studio


The refreshing thing about all of this is that I have a much clearer head space.  So the last week has been a case of regrouping and a lot of internal work.  I’ve begun an amazing self-development on-line course with Jean Houston which is aimed at developing our more subtle gifts and senses, with the goal of really digging down into what is truly our higher purpose in life.  I have included a link to Jeans website where she gives a free webinar which gives you some insight into what she teaches.

I am 2 weeks into her course Awakening To Your Life’s Purpose and honestly – I’m blown away!! So although the brushes aren’t doing mileage on the canvas currently – there are huge strides being made in other directions.

Until next week ….. Keep on creating

Posted By: Kadira Jennings