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Dark, Petals Falling,kadira Jennings, Creative Practice

Dark, Petals Falling

My art practice involves many things, not just putting the brush to canvas. An important aspect of it is always learning and there are many areas the learning must take place. One of these areas as I mentioned on Instagram this week is the course I am doing at the moment with Cory Huff from the The Abundant Artist.  In the second module, the exercise we had to do this week was to complete a painting in one hour. Of course I went into panic mode. This is not an easy thing to do. (Not the panicking lol that’s easy !!) However what I did get out of it, although not a great painting, was a lot more insight into understanding my working process and what I really need to do before I begin I work.

The other thing this exercise did, was to give me a chance to experiment with some ideas that have been floating around in my head for a while.  Funnily enough one of these things is about exactly that – floating. I am fascinated with the way things can be made to float in space and this is something I would like to experiment with,more in my work. You may have seen the paintings below, which were playing with this concept in a different way.

Studio news,Floating Free

Floating Free 22 x 22″
Oils On Canvas


Floating Free incorporates these elements using the devices of tone, colour and shadows to achieve a floating effect.

Where as Suspension, below, takes an object itself that is actually floating in a three dimensional space.  What I am drawn to in this act of suspension is the way it seems to spend time itself and enters us into a timeless realm or space.

creative practice,Kadira Jennings,my art practice

Suspension oil on Canvas 40×40″


One of the things I’m finding that I really have to do is to put aside time for the thinking and development side of things. When I trained as an artist years ago there was not much emphasis put on the importance of one’s art practice and so I have always tended to ignore it somewhat, instead just going on intuition. But I’m finding now that I need to pay more attention to this neglected area my creative practice.

I am finding that as I grow as an artist, my art practice continues to expand. There is always something you need to learn. At the moment I am really focusing on finding my collectors or tribe, the people who appreciate and buy my art.

This Weeks Question: What kinds of things are you attracted to in an art work?

Look For Next Week’s Post: Follow the development of my latest artwork.


Social Media – the artist’s friend or foe?

Social media

Social Media star – Pinterest – Do you love it or hate it?

Well I think I both love Pinterest and hate it. I love it because it is such an amazing resource for pictures and I hate it because once I go on there I can lose 3 hours. It’s like going on a journey and One Path leads to another and another and another and you just get caught up in the whole experience and next thing you know your morning has disappeared.

However having said that, it is a great artist’s resource and a good place to show your work.  Because of its visual platform  Instagram is particularly suited to artists I feel. The problem with all social media is that it’s just so time-consuming. Really, you have to pick the most suitable platform for your business and go with that. Get comfortable with one or two and work them well, rather than trying to cover everything.

Facebook – The problem with Facebook is that it isn’t very intuitive and not very user-friendly either.  My friend and I were trying the other day, to locate where all our likes from our business pages were on Facebook. Well do you think that was easy?  Not at all. The other annoying thing is that they keep changing the rules all the time.  How many times have you gone in to Facebook, seen a post that you were interested in, gone somewhere else to look at a different thing, come back again  and the post you were looking at has completely disappeared from your feed. How annoying is that! What I have learnt to do if I am interested in a particular post, is to save it there and then so I can come back and find it when I need to.

facebook photo

One of the most useful things I’ve found about FB is its groups, facility.  It’s a great way to stay in touch with people like your mastermind group or specific interest groups of people that you belong to. You can post to your peeps in one place instead of sending out oodles of emails

The other useful thing that Facebook offers that no other platform seems to be doing quite as effectively as yet, is their advertising. You can advertise with them relatively cheaply to a very specific audience, which means that if you have identified who your audience is, you can find them without too much difficulty. Therefore you don’t waste a lot of time and money posting to a prospectively uninterested people which can happen with things like Adwords for example.

So – friend or foe? I think social media is a bit of both really.  It all comes down to self discipline, because its biggest foe potential is its time-wasting factor.

This Weeks Question: What is your favourite media, and why? Please share your thoughts …..

Look For Next Week’s Post:Taking a further look at my Art Practice.  What role does learning new things play?

Pix Credits: PeteLinforth (Pixabay)


social media photo

Social Media is a hot topic these days.  

Here are some more thoughts about social media for artists and the various platforms that I am using.

  • Pinterest – I have several boards. It is great for photo research and to keep your work in the public eye. I am just beginning to tap into the potential of this platform.  Pinterest now has a Pinterest Business account available if you are interested.
  • Facebook – I have a page, however the problem is that I can’t seem to find a list of all my likers here.  FB no longer lets you see them.  This makes it hard to build a relationship with them because I don’t know who they are. One of the most useful things I’ve found about FB is it’s groups, facility.  It’s a great way to stay in touch with people like your mastermind group.  You post here instead of sending out oodles of emails.
  • LinkedIn Profile – I also cross-post from my blog to this platform.  It is a biz platform and not so much for visual artists however, although there are also some art professional groups here as well.
  • Instagram – I discussed last week.
  • Twitter – Is great for keeping people up to date with what is going on.  I will often tweet posts that I put on Instagram.
  • My Google+ Again, this is a relatively new platform for me, however despite my neglectful posting, I seem to get many more views here than elsewhere. Over 8400 views so far! 

I don’t think you can be in business these days and neglect the social media side of things. This means you have to either farm it out to a third-party or get organized and do it yourself. The important thing is to do it regularly  – not one of my strong points.  I’m working on that one LOL! I will leave you with one person’s take on how to approach the different platforms – ie what voice to use.

social media

Social Media Explained (with Donuts) by ChrisL_AK


This Weeks Question: Which social media platform are you focusing on and why is this the best one for your business?

Look For Next Thursday’s Post: More information on the upcoming exhibition at the Gosford Regional Art gallery and what you might expect to see there.



Photo by mkhmarketing

Photo by ChrisL_AK


instagram icon photo

Instagram, Facebook,Twitter, Pinterest and so on – love em or hate em, they seem to have invaded our lives to the point where we can’t live without them.Social media has been the buzz word for some time now. However are we managing it or is it ruling our lives?

I have struggled to keep up with them all – I just don’t have the time or a team of people who can do it for me. Therefore, I’ve been forced to choose. So what is working for me and what isn’t? What is my biggest issue?

  • Biggest Issue : Keeping everything updated.  
  • How do I solve this problem?  I have begun keeping 1 platform up to the minute, updated and direct people to it from the other platforms if they are interested.  I also cross-post from my blog to Facebook, google+ and twitter and from Instagram to Twitter and sometimes  Facebook.
  • What works best? For me Instagram does.  It’s quick to put a post on and easy to see who’s following you and who you might be interested in.  Also people don’t tend to put what they had for breakfast etc.  It is a platform where many of the people are visual artists and photographers.
  • So if you want a fairly painless way to ease into social media I suggest you give Instagram ago. 
  • You will find the most current images, stories and snippets of my life as an artist here. #artist@work, #KadiraJ

This Weeks Question: Do you have your fingers in any of the social media pies yet?

Look For Next Thursday’s Post: Another Exhibition coming up ……….




Photo by Jason A. Howie

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