What is the secret to Intuitive Marketing?

Did you know there is such thing as intuitive marketing? Sometimes people get a bit funny when you talk about intuition, they think it is just a woman thing. However if  you speak to many entrepreneurs, you will discover that at the end of the day they rely quite heavily on their intuition. And whats more they will tell you that they rely on it to help them to make good decisions in their businesses. First they listen to advice from others and then follow their intuition on that advice.

Intuitive marketing, Intuition

I did a course recently on intuitive marketing and it can be applied to any business. In fact it can be applied to any area of your life really, well the intuition part. I believe that artists should be very good at this form of marketing, as many of us rely on our intuitive responses to the canvas as we paint. It is something that we get good at over time listening to that feeling, is this a good move or bad one?

So how can we apply it to the marketing process. Well it is all about decisions really. And those decisions rely on questions. The better the quality of your questions the better your intuitive decisions will be. How does this process work?

Let’s look at an example. You may have a choice of two galleries you want to submit your work to,  so the question to ask in this case would be…..

How successful will my art business be in 5 years time if, I sign up with Gallery A? Now, as you ask this question, you need to pay careful attention to how you feel. What you need to be aware of when you ask the question is, do you feel a heaviness around that question, or in your body, or does your mind feel cloudy or heavy when you think about that option? Or does it feel light, do you feel energized and eager to move forward with it? Then go through the same process for gallery B and compare your feelings related to the two galleries. Decide which feels lighter and follow the lightness.

And that’s it! I know it just sounds deceptively simple, however, don’t be fooled, this is a very powerful technique! 

Also don’t leave out the 5 years piece either.  This is an essential part of what helps us to tap into that intuitive stream, as it takes us out of focusing on short-term fears and problems or even goals, that may be leading us in the wrong direction.

The key to it is learning to feel which question feels heavier and which one feels lighter.  And the process can be done for anything at all, with a little tweaking of the question.

This Weeks Question: What marketing decision are you making this year that you could apply the intuitive marketing process to??

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Dali’s Secret

I’ve been talking about different ways of accessing intuition and how I access mine by nearly falling asleep.  Well, you can imagine my surprise when I was reading about Salvador Dali one day and came across how he worked.  Apparently he did exactly the same as I do.  He would sit in front of his work until he nearly fell asleep! The difference is that he held a metal spoon in one hand so that if he relaxed too much the spoon dropped and it would clang into a metal bowl he had previously placed on the floor, beneath his hand.  This had the desired effect of rousing him and he would be stimulated to get up  and continue on with his painting. Once at the easel, with his intuition ready to go, he would immediately know his next brushstroke.

What techniques do you employ to get in touch with your intuition, your inner creative, when you are working creatively?

Salvador Dali -Three Sphinxes of Bikini

Salvador Dali -Three Sphinxes of Bikini

Putting the Heart into Art  – that’s it in a nutshell really.  Are you familiar with the term Heart Intelligence .   Its a fascinating concept and many artists and creatives  use their Heart Intelligence  quite intuitively when they work.

Heart Intelligence requires 2 skills, one is to be internally aware in any given moment of what you are feeling ( not what you think you should be) and also simultaneously having relational awareness i.e. the ability of  knowing others.  I think that what art does is allows you to access that place in your heart ,  and express that through your chosen medium.  After all every creative work is an expression of the internal awareness of its creator and putting it out there to be shared with others..  I have had a couple of extraordinary experiences in which a painting told me an amazing story  that I didn’t know was unfolding even as I was painting it.

Allow me to share this with you and I think you may well agree that it was an amazing experience.  This story begins actually with the end of a painting .  The painting you see below was finished.

Abstract landscape

Abstract landscape

I put down the brush and knew that it didn’t require another brushstroke.  So what’s the problem you may well ask.  Well the problem was that it didn’t feel finished.  When you do something do you ever have to reach an internal place that feels just right to you, in order to feel it is complete and move on. Well I always look for that when I’m painting.

So to return to the painting – I looked and looked at it – went away, came back, left it over night, sat in front of it again  – nah – still that nagging feeling and still no solution.   Left it another night , came down the stairs into the studio the next morning and walked right up to it and turned it around, till it looked like this!  And it was complete!

The Watcher

The Watcher

Well that was literally a shocking experience – here was a painting I had tried so hard to paint as an abstract, using some melded landscape photos and look what turned up.

Now do you know anything about symbolism?  Well I was familiar with a bit of it and immediately recognized several symbols in this picture.  There I was sitting on a rock with a hood on my head.  The hood was piereced with holes.  Behind the figure back to back is another figure looking out into a landscape  and off  to the right hand side of the picture a rather obese looking person slinking around – I was struggling with weight issues at the time.  Then there are more shadowy figures in the dark area at the upper left of the painting.  All these figures represented someone in my life at that time – it was a chillingly acurate portrait of my life during that period – I was in shock for several days.  My heart, intuition call it what you will made me pay attention to myself  in a way I could no longer ignore – it was truly amazing.

Do you think this was Heart Intelligence at work?

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