You may wonder when you look at today’s painting, what on earth it has to do with James Watt. Well as it turns out, quite a bit really.

You see when my partner John, and I, were visiting the Science Museum in London recently, we had a wander around the section that had exhibits to do with James Watt. It seems that, Johns great-grandfather five times removed was James Watt and John was very keen to take a look at the exhibits. Which we did.

James Watt's Workshop

James Watt’s Workshop


Part of the display was a recreation of his workshop – the whole thing transported, lock, stock and barrel and reset up in the museum.  Here are some photos of the space.

James Watt's Workshop

Busts and Jars


And next up is the photo which inspired the following painting. I loved the colours and the abstract patterns made by the machine and it’s shadows!

James Watt's Workshop


The Painting……………


James Watt Studio Painting


This week’s question:  What can you find an abstraction in?

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Posted By: Kadira Jennings