Creative Re-creation

Are there different kinds of creativity.  Well I believe there are – well for me anyway.  Being mainly a visual artist – an oil painting artist and creator of digital photo art, I sometimes feel that I need a break from this form of creating.  I want to do something to relax a bit.  Painting can get a bit too intense, deep and meaningful and all that stuff.  So this week just for fun I thought I would begin a new project.  This started out actually as a present for someone and has morphed into something else.

I have decided that for the moment I am really enjoying making jewellery.  I’m playing with the most delicious colours, textures and shapes, using: silver, semi precious stones, crystals, beautiful shells, pearls and anything else that catches my eye.

Jewellery Making Components: glass beads, paua shell, murano glass and silver Bali beads

Jewels for Jewellery

This is creative recreation for me, I find it soothing, just losing myself in the selection of beautiful objects and building the designs piece by piece.  There is no pressure to complete, deadlines to drive me or hidden agendas to deal with.  Bliss!

This has become an exploration of the creative process on another level.  To create something unique and beautiful is my purpose and to know that it is expanding into existence for one special person in the world – this is an exciting, fascinating process.   Every necklace I am making is a unique piece that is on its way to finding its owner.  Eventually they will end up on my Facebook page for sale, but the whole process is not about that.  I have often fallen into the trap of trying to paint with only money in mind – it never, ever produces good work.  Hence I am avoiding doing that here.

stpunk pendant

I guess Steam Punk is something that either appeals or it doesn’t.  I find it delightfully quirky myself. In case you’re not familiar with it I’ve included a couple of pieces. The first one was crafted by Angel. I love the fact that it uses the inner workings of timepieces that no longer have a use.  Not only that, but some of the old watch movements were really works of art in themselves even though they  were hidden away inside the watch casings.  They are incredibly intricate and include cogs, springs, wheels, jewels, silver and gold and often parts were even engraved.  They speak to me of days gone by when even very ordinary objects were often beautifully decorated.

Here is a wonderful butterfly from Steam Punk Jewelry.


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