Lessons from a Travel Diary II

Travelling and The Creative Process…..

Well isn’t all of life a journey really? Aren’t we travelling through the cosmos on a huge ball of matter, hurtling along at incredible speeds? It’s all about perspective really.

Travelling through the cosmos

Travelling through the cosmos

Our exterior journey reflects the interior journey. One of the great things about travelling and the development of your creativity is that it offers you a different perspective and not just the obvious things like, culture, scenery and customs. It also takes you out of your comfort zone, away from the familiar, which can totally unnerve you or you can surrender to the adventure of it all and dive into the new world you find yourself within.

Travelling  through the world

Travelling through the world

I don’t know about you, but I always find myself  so charged up and eager to create when I come back from my travels.  I think this is what Julia Cameron has in mind when she asks you to take yourself on an Artist Date every week.  It is like a mini vacation, a small hiccup taking us from the humdrum of life into the possibility of discovering something extraordinary. After all, as artists and creators, is that not what we are trying to accomplish when we birth a creation, be it a book, a film, a poem or an artwork? Aren’t we offering others a small step into the alternate universe of the world we have created?

So travelling allows us to bring back a bit of something else from somewhere else.  To add to our creative store house in the castle of our memory. Here are some snippets of things I’ve bought back with me from this trip. You can focus on the big…

Travelling, Old Puriri Tree

Old Puriri Tree

From the Macrocosm to the Microcosm…. or the detail, each have something to offer and a different kind of beauty in their own way.

Travelling, Bleaced Leaves and Weathered Wood

Bleached Leaves and Weathered Wood


Look at the amazing, subtle tones and colours in this picture above, of flotsam washed up on the beach. The things in Nature, always complement each other so beautifully.

This Weeks Question: By travelling to somewhere new this week, what can you find in Nature to be amazed by?  Please share your thoughts below.

Look For Next Thursday’s Post: News From The Studio

Image Creds:

Photo by WikiImages (Pixabay)

Photo by Hermann (Pixabay)


I decided it was time to stock up on some more Creative Inspiration this week and went for an Artist Date.  I came across this idea of an Artist Date in one of Julia Cameron’s books called ‘The Artists Way’.  This book is a fantastic resource for creative people and her idea of Artists Dates is something I wholly embrace and highly recommend.  I will talk about the concept more in another post but if you want to know more – go here now.

I choose to do this on a monthly basis  – spending a whole day and often travelling to Sydney.  I find a lot more inspiration in the City, there are  so many different things to go and explore.  Rather than spending a couple of  hours a week where I live, I find this works better for me.  That’s not to say of course that I won’t sometimes pop into a local gallery or something that catches my interest.

I live an hour and a half  on the train,

In Passing

In Passing

from Sydney – a really pretty train ride actually. For part of the trip the train wends its way beside and over  inland waterways,and  through tunnels and bushland.

Wynyard sign

Wynyard sign

Last week I went to the Powerhouse Museum – a fascinating place full of great foto opportunities.  I gathered lots of rich detail for photoshop texture brushes and

painting and digital reference material.

Floor of Steam Engine

Floor of Steam Engine

Well worth the visit if you live close enough to go.

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