The Heroines Journey Continues.

So this Heroines journey  has literally taken her across the water – a big ditch that separates Australia from New Zealand. I am on a mythic heroines journey here, tracing the story of my re-emerging creative self which had it’s seeds sown back in May 2013…..

It all began here….

heroines journey cathedral cove

and what followed was a series of intuitive paintings – completed with my non dominant hand. Take a look at my earlier posts on this journey.

In this return journey a friend – budding film maker – Prue Kelsey and I, are exploring these beginnings and making a series of short videos tracing the ‘artists journey’ and development.  As these interviews are completed I will be putting them up on the website for you to see.

 Heroines Journey Cathedral Cove

The above image is one small painting from this series.

Look For Next Thursday’s Post: Snippets from New Zealand

Mythic Journey

Of course the Mythic Journey began a long time ago, both yours and mine. It is the story of our live’s struggles, tragedies and triumphs. You may not feel your life is this grand, however it is a unique story. It is your story, no one elses. You get to say what happens, no one else. There are common things that happen in our mythic journey, here is how mine was travelling at one point.

Abandoned rollercoaster

Abandoned roller coaster

  • I once thought my roller coaster, out of control life was other people’s fault – how could it possibly be mine?
  • This is a common perception in the early stage of the Mythic Journey. The young hero or heroine, cannot see/understand that their emotional focus and desire drives toward them, the events of their lives.
  • Thus they cannot take personal responsibility and therefore cannot fix what is wrong.
  • Then because they blame others for their problems, they have given away their power.
  • This means they cannot change the things that are happening to them because they think they require others to change, not themselves.

Well that was very pithy for a Thursday morning!

However, this is such an important subject and my current series of works is a reflection of this subject in my own life.

Working on the retrospective story,  I’ve come to discover that it seems, no matter what I’m painting, that there is a reflection of what’s happening in my life and often a story that is mythic in association with those events. My heroine is telling that story through the paint, even though I may not realize it at the time.

On to imagery – Last week’s work completes itself! Well not really, it seems I did have some input on that!

Mythic Journey V a

Mythic Journey II  nearly done


And here is the finished work…. Here we see the dress floating out of the dark, further into the light now than in the previous version.  There is a feeling of freedom and joy now, such as one experiences after leaving behind old habits of being.

As usual, it is hard to photograph a work with a lot of dark in it, to do justice to both the highlights and the shadows.

Look For Next Thursday’s Post: The Mythic Journey continues , tracing roots back to Coromandel and filming the birth of a painting series.

Pix Credits: Roller coaster image sourced from Pinterest

Brush Work  – Mileage Upon The Canvas

Have you ever wondered how many miles an artist covers on a canvas when they are painting a work of art? Depending on your artistic discipline, the brush mileage may differ somewhat. There are often different types of brush work within the one painting. You will see here that I am beginning with what is called the fat over lean principle.  This means that I lay down very thin layers of paint at the start.

Brush Work

So this week saw, the beginning of a new work. It is similar to the last one, continuing the story of the soul’s journey into the light. Having left the dark night of the soul – I haven’t quite painted that one fully yet, for now I have moved further into the light.

Mythic Journey 2a

Brush Strokes - Mythic Journey Kadira Jennings












Above are the preliminary drawings …….

Below is the first paint, I begin by blocking in the dark and then putting a first layer of pale grey over the light area….

Brush Strokes - Mythic Journey Kadira Jennings Brush Strokes - Mythic Journey Kadira Jennings


You will note that in the last picture I have also painted a tonal study of the folds of the fabric, in preparation for the upper fabric layers.  At this stage, I’m still deciding on what the final dress colour will be.

Look For Next Thursday’s Post: Come back and see what the finished painting looks like.

Pix Credits: Photo of brushes  by jenni from the block

My Latest work is a continuation of the dress series, which is an allegory of the Mythic Journey. What is the Mythic Journey? If you have been following this series, you will have noticed that the dresses are emerging slowly from the darkness into the light.

Dancing In The Dark, Kadira Jennings

Dancing In The Dark

Dancing In The Dark I

Dancing In The Dark I








The Mythic Journey often referred to as The Hero’s Journey is perhaps.  a handbook to human life. The journey often takes the hero from the conflicts of family and childhood, through problems of love, intimacy, and ambition, and ultimately to the point when we must face our own mortality. The Hero discovers that;

  • True self-knowledge comes through facing life’s challenges with courage and strength.
  • Beauty, power,  wealth and talent, all bring their own forms of suffering.
  • Our hero or heroine discovers that in the darkness of loneliness, failure, and loss, one can always discovered new light and new hope.

We are all somewhere on this journey. Although not many want to admit it.

This journey was highlighted for me by the revelations of the first painting . This was a deep grief around giving up dancing in my early teens which had been hidden deep down for years. In fact i had no idea until i began work on the painting.

I am now working on the emergence from the dark.  The dark night of the soul.  Here are the preliminary workings..

Latest works Mythic Journey 1aLatest Works Mythic Journey 1b

And so it slowly unfolds…..

Kadiras Works Mythic Journey 1c

Mythic Journey 1d












Stroke by stroke….. until it’s finished!


Mythic Journey 1eMythic Journey 1f

Look For Next Thursday’s Post: Take a look at the next work in this series.

Posted By: Kadira Jennings


Emergence – coming out of the darkness?

Or is it more a question of unfolding?

I suspect that all work is really in a state of emergence. Really, it is a question of deciding when it has fully emerged. This new work is called Emergence, because that is how it feels. The question is, what is emerging? Well I guess that depends on how you, the viewer feel about it.  I suspect it might be something different for each of us. This work is the third in my series dealing with clothing. Here are some photos of the work in progress and the finished painting……

It began with drawing – as posted earlier…….

Dress 1


And progressed to drawing up on the canvas…. and oops – it looks like I forgot to take any photos of the intermediate stages. Well there is one…..


Emergence,Kadira Jennings

Preliminary brush strokes after the under painting


As you can see, at this stage the work didn’t have any of the fine detail added to it.  Below is the finished work followed by some close up shots of some the details.

Emergence - The Finished Work

Emergence – The Finished Work



Emergence detail i,Kadira Jennings

Detail i



Emergence detail ii

Detail ii


Emergence detail iii

Detail iii


Emergence Detail iv

Detail iv


For more on this painting take a look at it here.

And that’s it for this week.

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Posted By: Kadira Jennings


Dancing In The Dark – Is finished!

The first of the closet works has come to its moment of being abandoned.  I would have to say that one of the great challenges is actually photographing this work.  The darks are always problematic. How to get a good photo without glare bouncing off the dark areas is very tricky. To take a look at all the works in this series so far check out Dancing In The Dark Series

Dancing In The Dark Detail, Kadira Jennings

Detail 1

You can see in the ‘detail’ above that this is not such a problem, because much of the dark area is not showing.  Hopefully by including the ‘detail’ photos, you will get a better overall idea of what the work actually looks like.

Dancing In The Dark 'detail'

Detail 2

And another one…………….

Dancing In The Dark Detail, Kadira Jennings

Detail 3

And one last detail – unfortunately there was a lot of shine in this one – but not where it matters too much….

Dancing In The Dark Detail, Kadira Jennings

Dancing In The Dark Detail

And finally, here is the finished painting!

Dancing In The Dark, Kadira Jennings

Dancing In The Dark


As you can see from the ‘details’, the final photo doesn’t do it justice at all.

Please feel free to leave feedback – the button is at the top of the page.  I would love to hear your thoughts.

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Posted By: Kadira Jennings

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