Charcoal Drawings

Charcoal Drawings

Charcoal Drawings were the flavour of the moment last week as I was playing around with a new series I’m embarking on. This series will still be in the New Romantic genre. These charcoal drawings were developed from an idea wherein I was exploring, how the idea of the heart might fit into an actual landscape. The drawings were done using willow charcoal, a pretty flexible medium – messy but favourable.  I use the willow in favour of compressed charcoal which comes in much fatter sticks and tends to go rather too dark, you don’t get as bigger range of tones out of it.  It is not as flexible to use.

charcoal drawings,Landscapes of the heart I - Kadira Jennings

Landscapes of the Heart I


I am thinking about turning this painting below into either version of these drawings.

charcoal drawings inspiration for Mt Taranaki

Mt Taranaki


charcoal drawings,Landscapes of the heart II

Landscapes of the Heart II


Keep an eye out for the end result in the coming weeks!

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Landscapes Of The Heart

I had a realization this morning when I was thinking about the direction of my work and focusing on it becoming more heart centered. I suddenly thought – ‘ There is so much I can paint about the heart and how connected we are to things, even to the landscape itself.’ In fact, landscapes of the heart seem to me to embody the concept of new romanticism in a perfect way. In pursuit of this concept, I did a small work last week, which seems to represent really how I was feeling on that day.

Landscapes of the Heart I

Landscapes of the Heart I

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A Different Kind Of Abstraction

So this week’s abstraction is entirely different from last weeks.  Funnily enough, I came across something in Singapore that made me take a second look and reminded  me of my paintings.
Here is a photo of one of the container ships in the port at Singapore.

Container ship

Container ship

And here are the Abstracts I was working on before I went away.

Colour Field 1

Colour Field 1


And then a little less defined…..

Colour field 2

Colour field 2

And lastly a combination of the two….

Colour field 3

Colour field 3

So these works are small paintings working with small blocks of colour. I was amazed when the pattern of the containers on the ship in Singapore caught my eye. Here it is below.


Abstracts Container ship abstract patterns

Container ship abstract patterns

I could see the similarities to my small paintings and ways in which I might now push those works further- a fascinating concept.  You never know when or where you are going to find inspiration to take your work further.  I had been feeling a bit stuck with these works, but now I have some new ideas to play with in improving them.


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So here we have the same subject as last week handled differently.

Beginning with the drawing again…

Working drawing charcoal for Underpainting

Working drawing charcoal

and a working drawing for suggested different coloured underpainting…..


Working drawing


Then applying the paint this time using colour not too dissimilar from the under painting.

Abstract Painting -Yellow House

Abstract Painting -Yellow House


From this exercise you can see how the same subject can be painted quite differently indeed.It is fun to experiment with things like this – you never know just how things will turn out.  But it is also a great way to launch, or drift really into an abstract concept – this image could certainly be pushed a lot further if I wanted to.  This kind of painting is sometimes called colour blocking.

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Called to create – are you?

Continuing our discussion from last week, lets take a look at the question that was posed.

What is the invisible box hindering your creativity?

So you have a unique ability and don’t really want to share it with the world.  Well that’s OK. However this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t do your best to develop it. And the thing is that even if you don’t personally get around to sharing it, some one at some point will and others will benefit.  There are so many artists down through history, who didn’t become famous till after they had died.

What if Van Gogh had decided not to keep on painting, despite the lack of recognition he received when he was alive.  We would not be able to see his beautiful works today. But he didn’t hold back.  He kept on working until the end of his life.  Do we have the right to do any less?

Well, we all have free will you might argue, and certainly we do, and you may say there are other things you have to do. Be that as it may, my question is, why don’t you want to do the thing you are best in the world at?

In a word it all comes back to  fear. Fear can take many forms, and it will nearly always stop us from doing something that we want to do. The thing is to understand what you are afraid of, because then you can deal with it.. As the saying goes – ‘Feel the fear and do it anyway’.

One of the best kept secrets in the world is that of how to deal with fear.  So I would suggest that your invisible box more than likely has a rather fancy wrapping paper  of fear around it.

gift wrapped box photo

Check out next week’s post for more on fear.

This weeks question: What are you afraid of?  What fear is keeping you stuck or away from your art?

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Photo by Muffet

I have been working on the Southland Series, working up one of the areas of the Southern Hills II painting in some small trial paintings, with a view to doing a larger version a bit further down the track.. There is an area of the original painting that I think bears further exploration, and may become almost abstract in the process….. see below

Studies For Southland Series

Southern Hills snippet

So I’m looking at a couple of different ways to treat this area.

Here are the first stages of that….

Southland Series - Study I

And this…..

Southland Series - Study 2 -Underpainting

Study 2 -Underpainting


Southland Series Study  2 -Underpainting

Southland Study 2 -Underpainting further on…


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Posted By: Kadira Jennings

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