It took me three weeks to finish the Dance Of Life. Many layers and a reasonably large dose of angst later it was inching towards  the finish.
As I’ve said before – some paintings just flow and others need to be driven. This one was of the latter variety.

Here are the final stages it went through before reaching the end.  The image on the right now has more colour in the sky and the landscape has been filled in.

Dance Of Life - in progress

Dance Of Life – in progress

However I wasn’t happy with the sky and tree so I decided to push it a little further…..

Dance Of Life - in progress

Dance Of Life – in progress

I got rid of the dark blue sky in the upper left and introduced some swirling white energy into it.  However now the colour was a bit too dead – well actually downright insipid and I needed to keep working on the sky.  Also I wanted a little bit more happening in the landscape…..

Dance Of Life - in progress  still...

Dance Of Life – in progress still…

More colour is now coming back into the sky and I decided to take a big risk and bring the swirling energies down to the ground in front.  BAD MOVE!!!!

To see where it went next – watch this space next week…..

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The Dance Of Life Continues…

Well it does doesn’t it.  Sometimes I think the dance is a slow-moving waltz and at others it’s a frantic roller coaster ride – fast, frenetic and hairy. Well painting’s a bit like that too really.  It’s only occasionally that you get the waltz.  That slow and stately progression through a work that flows with grace and ease.  The Dance Of Life painting was somewhere in between, I suspect.  It certainly had its slow movements, but I fear they were more glue-like than graceful!

The block in was fine….

The Dance of Life continues

The Dance of Life


The drawing slowly completed.The Dance of Life continues




Then came the first block in of the paint layers on the tree.

The Dance of Life continues

And now the background is painted in with a first thin layer of paint.

The Dance of Life

The Dance of Life Continues

At this stage all the painting is finally fully blocked in.  In the photo it almost looks like it could be finished at this point.  However it didn’t yet have any of the energy I was wanting to suggest in the work.  My vision was to attempt to paint the tree’s life force radiating from into the surrounding space. Also to try if possible to give a sense of the passage of time through which the tree has lived – hence the dance of life.  And so the fun began and the dance of life continues……. To be continued in the next post.

Next Thursday’s Post: The Dance of  Life reaches its completion

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And it absolutely had its hairy moments – several of them in fact.

Well this work took up quite a bit of May. A lot more than I intended it to. The Dance of Life is a fairly large work 66″ x 44″ – quite a bit of brush mileage involved. It began life-like this. I started with a photo I took several years ago when I was visiting the ‘Hundred Acre Wood’ in England.  I manipulated it  in Photoshop to give me a rough idea of what I was going to do in terms of colour and so on. You can see that I’ve played around with how much tree versus how much sky to put in.

Working up images

Working up images

At one point I also flipped the tree image horizontally. Next I did some working drawings in my painting journal – see below…

Dance Of Life Drawings

Dance Of Life Drawings

A page in my painting journal, working out rough ideas .  The colours came later as I worked though it. I always keep a record of my colours in this way.  It can save a lot of time in the future if I get a commission off a previous work, it makes the next painting that much easier as I already have my colour recipes to hand!

Look for next Thursdays post to see the block in stages of the painting.

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The Hinchenbrook Passage is a work about water.

Something that has always attracted my painting instincts is reflections.  I guess you could say I’m drawn to water really as I love mist, reflections, oceans, streams and so on. There is something quite magical about water and its many different forms; water catching light, rainbows and tiny prisms, water is always changing and offering us beauty.

Hinchenbrook Passage - under painting

Hinchenbrook Passage Under Painting

The next stage began with blocking in the colour in more detail…

Hinchenbrook Passage

Under Painting Continued

The final result….

Hinchenbrook Passage

Hinchenbrook Passage


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This Weeks Painting

The subject is a little place on the Central Coast of NSW, Australia. It is not that common to see large bodies of water that are flat and reflective, especially in the presence of hugely louring clouds.  Well the day I took the inspiration for this painting, was an exception.

This Week's Painting  -The Entrance - First stages

The Entrance – First stages


As you can see there is the usual under-painting of burnt sienna and then the bones of the painting blocked in with darks and lights.

This was built upon, The sky now begins to emerge and the distant shoreline.

This Weeks Painting - The Entrance - under painting

The Entrance – under painting


The next stages don’t look that different, however if you look closely, you will see that I have painted out a lot of the dark in the clouds on the right hand side. There is now a background of trees and buildings also, just below these clouds.  Next, to tackle the water….

Entrance  - tweaking the clouds

Entrance – tweaking the clouds

So here are the preliminary workings of the water.  As you can see it all looks quite dark still, but the reflections have been established and the work is well on its way.

Painting the water - beginnings

Painting the water – beginnings

And finally we have the finished piece.  There was a lot more work between the image above and this one below.

The Entrance - finished painting

The Entrance – finished painting 42″ x 42″


You can see that I’ve reworked practically the whole image by this stage, the clouds, sky, water, changing values ( light and dark) and adjusting forms and colour where necessary.

If you would like to see more of my work, please visit my website Kadira’s Work

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Moehau Sunshower is another in the series of works depicting areas of the Coromandel Peninsula in New Zealand. It is a beautiful place, much of it isolated rugged country.

Tapu Road

Tapu Hill Country

We used to go camping there as a family, when I was a girl. My dad driving, towing a caravan over the dangerous, switchback turns of the gravel road, which was barely wide enough for the caravan, nevermind meeting a car coming the other way.
When we first began going there, the only way across the mountains to the other side was the notorious Tapu Hill road, famous for its dangerous conditions.

Moehau Sunshower is further north near the top of the Peninsula and often plays host to dramatic weather conditions, in this case a beautiful sunshower. Here is the beginning stage of the work, just working in over the underpainting with a preliminary colour wash.

Moehau Sunshower - under painting

Moehau Sunshower – under painting


And then there is the finished work…..

Moehau Sunshower oil painting Kadira Jennings

Moehau Sunshower

The size of the work is 24″ x 16″.

If you would like to see more of my work, please visit my website Kadira’s Work

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