Songs of the Sea – finished

To continue following the path of this work you can see that
I have deliberately left the dark, running, underpainting visible, through the layers of water, as I think this gives the work that mysterious depth in the water, that you get from an aerial perspective.

Songs Of The Sea

Waves are in!

I loved the abstract way the waves wash the top of the image.  It throws your sense of perspective and makes it difficult to figure out just exactly what you are looking at. the waves and sand have been painted in here and there are only a few finishing touches to go.  And here is the finished painting…..

Songs Of The Sea - Kadira Jennings

As you can see there has been a lot more depth added to the colour of the painting in both the sand and the sea, to give it a final impact and depth.

If you would like to see more of my completed work, head on over to my on line portfolio.

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As always – I began with an underpainting. – burnt sienna and then blocked in with the French Ultramarine and Burnt Sienna mix as usual.  I have begun with the sand area at the top of the painting.

Songs of the sea - under painting

Under painting

This work is taken off an image I shot while on a helicopter ride one day. Near where I live is a place called The Entrance where a narrow sea inlet feeds into a large lake system.  The day I took this image I was flying of a stretch of dunes and water just to the north of this area.

Songs Of The Sea - green blocked in

First layer of the ocean has been applied now

This painting involved several thin layers of paint to establish the almost translucent look of the water. I used a lot of medium with the paint.  By the next post you will see the finished work.

If you would like to see more of my completed work, head on over to my on line portfolio.

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This is a theme that has been popping up a bit this year.  A couple of weeks ago I was commissioned to do a painting to match one that one of my collectors  bought earlier in the year. She requested a similar scene but with a more moody/misty feel to it.

Here is the painting’s history.

Waitete Revisited Kadira Jennings,New Romantic Paintings

Waitete Revisited – Underpainting – block in

OMG there’s an elephant in the sky!!

Which progressed to an under layer of colour and establishing the sky clouds.  These clouds flowed really smoothly – such a pleasure  to paint when it all works!

Waitete Revisited Kadira Jennings,New Romantic Paintings

Initial colour layer and cloud work

And many layers later  – after more work on the clouds, mist and foreground we have …….

Waitete Revisited Kadira Jennings,New Romantic Paintings

The Finished Painting
18″ x 18″

And here they are together

Waitete Paintings

Waitete Paintings


For a better look at it – please visit my website Waitete Revisited

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Yeah!! Its finished. It is finally finished! Pretty much a marathon really.

Here are the final stages. You can see I took it even further out there than last weeks image…. and then scrapped most of it….

Dance of Life Kadira Jennings,New Romantic Paintings

Dance of Life Take … How many was that?

and here ….. drum roll!!! Its Finished!!! This is the final abandonment of the image.  “A painting is never finished – merely abandoned” Leonardo Da Vinci.

The Dance of Life - Completed,Kadira Jennings,New Romantic Paintings

The Dance of Life – Completed

For a better look at it visit my website ‘The Dance Of Life’  You can blow the image up to full screen size on that page.

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It took me three weeks to finish the Dance Of Life. Many layers and a reasonably large dose of angst later it was inching towards  the finish.
As I’ve said before – some paintings just flow and others need to be driven. This one was of the latter variety.

Here are the final stages it went through before reaching the end.  The image on the right now has more colour in the sky and the landscape has been filled in.

Dance Of Life - in progress

Dance Of Life – in progress

However I wasn’t happy with the sky and tree so I decided to push it a little further…..

Dance Of Life - in progress

Dance Of Life – in progress

I got rid of the dark blue sky in the upper left and introduced some swirling white energy into it.  However now the colour was a bit too dead – well actually downright insipid and I needed to keep working on the sky.  Also I wanted a little bit more happening in the landscape…..

Dance Of Life - in progress  still...

Dance Of Life – in progress still…

More colour is now coming back into the sky and I decided to take a big risk and bring the swirling energies down to the ground in front.  BAD MOVE!!!!

To see where it went next – watch this space next week…..

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The Dance Of Life Continues…

Well it does doesn’t it.  Sometimes I think the dance is a slow-moving waltz and at others it’s a frantic roller coaster ride – fast, frenetic and hairy. Well painting’s a bit like that too really.  It’s only occasionally that you get the waltz.  That slow and stately progression through a work that flows with grace and ease.  The Dance Of Life painting was somewhere in between, I suspect.  It certainly had its slow movements, but I fear they were more glue-like than graceful!

The block in was fine….

The Dance of Life continues

The Dance of Life


The drawing slowly completed.The Dance of Life continues




Then came the first block in of the paint layers on the tree.

The Dance of Life continues

And now the background is painted in with a first thin layer of paint.

The Dance of Life

The Dance of Life Continues

At this stage all the painting is finally fully blocked in.  In the photo it almost looks like it could be finished at this point.  However it didn’t yet have any of the energy I was wanting to suggest in the work.  My vision was to attempt to paint the tree’s life force radiating from into the surrounding space. Also to try if possible to give a sense of the passage of time through which the tree has lived – hence the dance of life.  And so the fun began and the dance of life continues……. To be continued in the next post.

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And it absolutely had its hairy moments – several of them in fact.

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