Lake Ohau.

Have you ever been to Lake Ohau, or for that matter to any of the other beautiful lakes in the South Island of New Zealand? They are truly magical places.  The water is quite breathtaking.  On the particular day I took the photo that led to painting Lake Ohau, the sun was shining and we were about to have a picnic on the foreshore of this wonderful lake. However as we were getting the picnic things out of the car, suddenly an amazing storm blew in and I just had time to whip the camera out and capture this extraordinary image. I forgot to photograph all the steps of this work as I was doing it, however I do have stages one and two of it.

Stage I

Lake Ohau Stage I

Lake Ohau Stage I

As you can see, stage one had some pretty big unresolved things in it.  The sky on the right hand side of the painting wasn’t working at all.  It was too fussy and wooden.  The centre of the work has two strong diagonal lines in it which just didn’t work and the foreground was way too dominant, it was acting as a barrier to entering the painting.  It stops you from getting over the water and into the distance. So some radical reworking was needed.  Here is the reworked image below….

Stage II…..

Lake Ohau II - Kadira Jennings, Oil Painting

Lake Ohau II

A much better solution I feel.


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Posted By: Kadira Jennings