On The Move!!

Well the day finally arrived!! This weekend has been a frantic scramble to relocate the studio…… as you can imagine much to-ing and fro-ing, installing new lighting, painting walls, making new easels …. so today’s post is short and well short!

You can expect more words of wisdom next week.  Am off to see the Renaissnce exhibition in Canberra at the weekend so I will tell you all about that next week.

till then….. images from an itinerant studio…..

Moving  The Studio

Loading the car

Making new easels

Making new easels

Easels in place

Easels in place

Unpacking the fiddly bits

Unpacking the fiddly bits

This weeks Question: Do you have your own creative space to work in? What specifically could you do to improve it this week?

I was in the Sydney CBD  last week where renovating has been going on FOR-EVA!  I happened to glance through a partly open doorway of one of the unfinished shops to see some fascinating lights.

Mysterious new lights,Wrapped Chandeliers

A Chandalier With A Difference

Wrapped chandaliers -  photo taken during shop refurbishment.

Mysterious new lights

Unusual Lights - Wrapped chandaliers

A New Lighting Solution?

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