Adobe and Moleskin Team UP
I thought that this week I would do something a little different and review a new product that’s out there. It seems that everyone is going Smart these days. The Adobe and Moleskin Team Up is something that will come as a godsend to many artists.

Moleskin Notebook

Moleskin Notebook


Moleskin has teamed up with other players in the past, such as Evernote and Livescribe, however their latest foray is a collaboration with Adobe, which has resulted in the Moleskine Smart Notebook and accompanying Creative Cloud app. What this has produced is an easy way to turn work on paper into JPG or SVG file, for use in Photoshop or Illustrator. Not only that, the work can be made with any implement you choose. Sounds pretty awesome doesn’t it.
I have been a fan of Livescribe for some time. This sounds like an amazing add-on to that capability.
If you are unfamiliar with Livescribe, it is a system that uses a smart pen which records conversations and connects with special books that you hand write/take notes in – say at a meeting. The pen then uploads the info to your computer and you get the voice recording and your notes saved into a file. With another handwriting recognition app you can then turn your notes into typewritten text. This is an awesome tool. I’ve  used it to record and take notes in training sessions, Skype chats, and coaching sessions.

Pix Credits: CoolHunting

PS: Check out the CoolHunting site as they have some really interesting, cool stuff on it!

This week’s question: Have you tried any of these tools, or found any others?  Please post a comment on your gems.

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Posted By: Kadira Jennings