Last week I spoke about not being OK with lacking the time to be creative and how we arrive at this state of affairs through our own choices.

If it is not OK with you, what can you do?

My first suggestion is to sit down and do a time map.  How do you do this?

Beginning NOW, and for the next week make a note of all the activities you do in a week and how long you spend on each one. I know – I can hear your thoughts ….. I haven’t got time to do that, what a dumb idea…. etc etc. However if you can get over your inner Mr Negative Feedback person, this will give you invaluable insight into how to make more time appear in your day.  Why? Because you will get the chance to see where you squander your precious minutes, hours and days and how you might use them better.

Now Listen UP!!!

MOST IMPORTANT!    Please include things like………………………….

Time spent –

  • Chatting with friends
  • Chatting on the phone or to the neighbour over the back fence
  • Hanging out or doing washing
  • Answering emails!!!!!!
  • Work work
  • Preparing meals and eating them
  • Showering
  • Going out for coffee
  • Running around after other people like, kids, bosses, partners and needy friends

etc. etc. etc…… you get the idea.  WHY is it important or even useful to do this?

When you make time to do this little exercise you can then see, over the course of the week where most of your time goes and look at how some of those activities might be condensed or even eliminated.

Then build yourself a list of all these activities and prioritize them into 4 categories –

  • Things that Have To Be Done – ie. Meal preparation, work work, cleaning house/garden – weekly or daily repeatables etc
  • Things I’d like to do if I had time – Personal time
  • Creative Time
  • Things To Be Delegated

Now put this information into a mind map. – It might look like this.

Making Time To Create


This Week’s Question: How might you make time for your creativity?

Next Week’s Insights: What to do with this i information.