10 Things Every Artist Must Have

Have you ever wondered if there are some things that an artist really ought to have?

Well here’s my list of 10 things every artist must have.
Not to say they are necessarily in order of importance, and you might want different things on your list…… well it’s a bit of fun and food for thought. Also  some of the items actually contain more than one thing, are collections perhaps?

10 things every artist must have,Kadira Jennings

Creative Thinking Hat

  1. A Creative Thinking Hat  – or some other thing that you wear or have about your person that gets you in the mood for creativity.
  2. A wonderful collection of inspiring music to listen to as you create.  This of course will be different for everyone.  Did you know that classical music of the Baroque variety, actually stimulates the creative side of the brain and gets you in the zone more easily?
  3. A support person you can rely on to prop you up when you are flagging, to kick you out of your creative doldrums or, offer a shoulder to cry on when it is all too much.
  4. A mentor, who would not be the person mentioned in number three.  This is someone more advanced than you in your chosen field, to offer you unbiased criticism and sage advice.
  5. A list of places to go and things to do on your Artist Dates.
  6. A network of people to help you on the sales side of your business.  This might include people like your accountant, web designer, gallerists and so forth.
  7. A Mastermind Group of other artists that you meet with on a regular basis and who support you in your business and creative practice.
  8. A Creative Journal which documents your ideas, thoughts, works in progress and inspirations.
10 things every artist should have,Art Journal Page

Art Journal Page

9. A fabulous, user-friendly website that must be mobile friendly as well, that showcases your work to its best advantage.

10. An awesome digital portfolio on your iPad or tablet that you take with you wherever you go and show to as many people as possible!

So that’s it.

This Weeks Question:  How many of these ten things do you have?

Look For Next Thursday’s Post: Latest paintings.