Colour Mixing – BLUES

What you need to know about colour mixing Blues before you start.

mixing Blues

Warm and cool Blues

French Ultramarine (Hidden Violet)
This Violet biased Blue is semi transparent and contains a large amount of Violet. When you compare
it to a green biased blue you can definitely see the Violet colour within it. Ultramarine Blue was
– according to Ralph Mayer – originally made from ground and refined Lapis Lazuli and therefore
one of the most costly of art materials. Even more confusing is the fact that some paint manufacturers
put out an Ultramarine (Red Shade) and an Ultramarine (Green Shade).
Cerulean Blue (Hidden Green)
This Green biased Blue is semi opaque and contains a large amount of Green. When you compare
it to the Violet biased Blue you can see the Green colour within it. Cerulean Blue is a fairly weak
colour and while great for skies, I tend to use a Pthalo Blue if I am needing more intensity.
The green biased blue family seems to have more colours in it than all the other colours – the main ones  are – Pthalo Blue, Winsor Blue, Cerulean Blue, Prussian Blue and Manganese Blue.

This week’s Question: Can you look at your paint charts and identify which bias each of your blues has – does it have a violet or a green bias?

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Posted By: Kadira Jennings