This will be my last Mondays Post –

Momdays post moving photo

Moving to Thursday – come with me!

For the full story – please take a look at last Thursday’s post.

From now, I am going to only post on Thursdays. I am cutting back my blog posts to 1 day a week again and changing the nature of the blog to some extent. All posts will be about the creative journey of the artist – my self or others as information comes to hand. I may miss some weeks – or not. For 5 years now I have blogged Mondays post every week and I thank those of you who are regular readers for coming to listen to my words. I trust there have been some insights for you along the way.

I am sad to take this step, however my own creative journey requires it at this time. Please come and visit on Thursdays. I encourage you to come and comment and share your journey as well.

Thank you everyone – Kadira

Photo by VinothChandar