Landscapes Of The Heart

I had a realization this morning when I was thinking about the direction of my work and focusing on it becoming more heart centered. I suddenly thought – ‘ There is so much I can paint about the heart and how connected we are to things, even to the landscape itself.’ In fact, landscapes of the heart seem to me to embody the concept of new romanticism in a perfect way. In pursuit of this concept, I did a small work last week, which seems to represent really how I was feeling on that day.

Landscapes of the Heart I

Landscapes of the Heart I

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Posted By: Kadira Jennings

I have been working on the Southland Series, working up one of the areas of the Southern Hills II painting in some small trial paintings, with a view to doing a larger version a bit further down the track.. There is an area of the original painting that I think bears further exploration, and may become almost abstract in the process….. see below

Studies For Southland Series

Southern Hills snippet

So I’m looking at a couple of different ways to treat this area.

Here are the first stages of that….

Southland Series - Study I

And this…..

Southland Series - Study 2 -Underpainting

Study 2 -Underpainting


Southland Series Study  2 -Underpainting

Southland Study 2 -Underpainting further on…


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Posted By: Kadira Jennings

Songs of the Sea – finished

To continue following the path of this work you can see that
I have deliberately left the dark, running, underpainting visible, through the layers of water, as I think this gives the work that mysterious depth in the water, that you get from an aerial perspective.

Songs Of The Sea

Waves are in!

I loved the abstract way the waves wash the top of the image.  It throws your sense of perspective and makes it difficult to figure out just exactly what you are looking at. the waves and sand have been painted in here and there are only a few finishing touches to go.  And here is the finished painting…..

Songs Of The Sea - Kadira Jennings

As you can see there has been a lot more depth added to the colour of the painting in both the sand and the sea, to give it a final impact and depth.

If you would like to see more of my completed work, head on over to my on line portfolio.

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Posted By: Kadira Jennings

Yeah!! Its finished. It is finally finished! Pretty much a marathon really.

Here are the final stages. You can see I took it even further out there than last weeks image…. and then scrapped most of it….

Dance of Life Kadira Jennings,New Romantic Paintings

Dance of Life Take … How many was that?

and here ….. drum roll!!! Its Finished!!! This is the final abandonment of the image.  “A painting is never finished – merely abandoned” Leonardo Da Vinci.

The Dance of Life - Completed,Kadira Jennings,New Romantic Paintings

The Dance of Life – Completed

For a better look at it visit my website ‘The Dance Of Life’  You can blow the image up to full screen size on that page.

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Posted By: Kadira Jennings

The Hinchenbrook Passage is a work about water.

Something that has always attracted my painting instincts is reflections.  I guess you could say I’m drawn to water really as I love mist, reflections, oceans, streams and so on. There is something quite magical about water and its many different forms; water catching light, rainbows and tiny prisms, water is always changing and offering us beauty.

Hinchenbrook Passage - under painting

Hinchenbrook Passage Under Painting

The next stage began with blocking in the colour in more detail…

Hinchenbrook Passage

Under Painting Continued

The final result….

Hinchenbrook Passage

Hinchenbrook Passage


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Posted By: Kadira Jennings





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