Vlog – new series – emerging artworks.

You know I think artworks are always in the emerging category are they not?

Following my recent visit to New Zealand I have begun a new series of work. To introduce you to this work I am sharing a vlog which traces the development of the painting ‘You Are Welcome Here’, from its inspiration to its completion.



There is more about this work ‘You Are Welcome Here’ to be found on my website. This is the second work in the series.  I have explained how this series was born as part of the description to the first painting in the series – ‘Refugee‘.

Here is the finished work.


Vlog,You Are Welcome Here,Kadira Jennings,abstract art


This Weeks Question: Can you leave a comment  – what are your thoughts on this art work?  I would love to hear what you think.

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The Heroines Journey Continues.

So this Heroines journey  has literally taken her across the water – a big ditch that separates Australia from New Zealand. I am on a mythic heroines journey here, tracing the story of my re-emerging creative self which had it’s seeds sown back in May 2013…..

It all began here….

heroines journey cathedral cove

and what followed was a series of intuitive paintings – completed with my non dominant hand. Take a look at my earlier posts on this journey.

In this return journey a friend – budding film maker – Prue Kelsey and I, are exploring these beginnings and making a series of short videos tracing the ‘artists journey’ and development.  As these interviews are completed I will be putting them up on the website for you to see.

 Heroines Journey Cathedral Cove

The above image is one small painting from this series.

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Lake Ohau

Lake Ohau.

Have you ever been to Lake Ohau, or for that matter to any of the other beautiful lakes in the South Island of New Zealand? They are truly magical places.  The water is quite breathtaking.  On the particular day I took the photo that led to painting Lake Ohau, the sun was shining and we were about to have a picnic on the foreshore of this wonderful lake. However as we were getting the picnic things out of the car, suddenly an amazing storm blew in and I just had time to whip the camera out and capture this extraordinary image. I forgot to photograph all the steps of this work as I was doing it, however I do have stages one and two of it.

Stage I

Lake Ohau Stage I

Lake Ohau Stage I

As you can see, stage one had some pretty big unresolved things in it.  The sky on the right hand side of the painting wasn’t working at all.  It was too fussy and wooden.  The centre of the work has two strong diagonal lines in it which just didn’t work and the foreground was way too dominant, it was acting as a barrier to entering the painting.  It stops you from getting over the water and into the distance. So some radical reworking was needed.  Here is the reworked image below….

Stage II…..

Lake Ohau II - Kadira Jennings, Oil Painting

Lake Ohau II

A much better solution I feel.


If you would like to see more of my work, please visit my website Kadira’s Work

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Underpainting – how it impacts your work

Underpainting has been the focus of my work for the last few weeks. I’m experimenting with some new things, beginning with the underpainting of the landscapes you see below.

The first is a rework of a previously painted picture of Mt Taranaki on the west coast of New Zealand’s North Island.

Underpainting - Mt Taranaki II

Mt Taranaki II

This work has a burnt Sienna acrylic ground painted and dried underneath the worked up image that you see here. Next Thursday, I will compare this work with the original one  – I think the comparison will be interesting.

The second painting is underpainted using the same technique and shares a little slice of Southland in the deep south of New Zealand’s South Island.

Underpainting - Southland


Come back next Thursdy to see how they turned out!

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Painting New Zealand – The South Island

Painting New Zealand is something I always come back to, even though it’s been many years since I have lived there.  The next two works are both paintings of the same subject, hills in the South Island of New Zealand. Again it was the light that drew me to paint this subject, and the mist rising in the valley. I reached a point in the first one, the stage you see below in fact, and decided I didn’t want to wreck it. So I left it there, and began another.  I still wanted to push it further and see what would become of the mist.

Painting New Zealand landscapes The Elements 30"x22"

The Elements 30″x22″


The second work I changed a bit, altering the shape of the road and this time including the mist rolling down off the hills. I also darkened up the foreground values, which has made the work more dramatic. I liked the way the mist seems to be striding across the hills.
Its almost as if the elementals of the air came to play in my painting! Not to mention the dragon swooping in low!

Painting New Zealand - The Elementals

The Elementals 30″x22″


Next Post: The Sand Wave Paintings

Posted by: Kadira Jennings

Painting Light – The New Zealand Landscape

Painting the light in the New Zealand landscape one realizes that the landscape contains an energy of it’s own.

My attention was caught by the beautiful light in this painting of Mt Taranaki in NZ and I just had to capture it. I kept it small – only 20″x16″

Painting New Zealand Landscapes

Mt Taranaki 20″x16″ Oils


It’s funny how creativity never goes in a straight line. Sometimes you do a deviation which brings you back again in time to where you were before but a bit further along!  The works produced during the time of your devation,  go to inform the work you do in the future.

I find that I am always drawn to painting  light.  It fascinates me how light can change a subject, turning it into so many different things. Light evokes mood and mystery. It makes a place resonate in a particular way, at a particular time, which sits in our memories. Rarely will we be able to experience that place again in quite the same way.
Every sunset is different, every misty or rainy day shows us a different landscape in the same place. Painting light in New Zealand is very different to painting it in Australia or Europe.

I also did a couple of other small experimental paintings at this time. The first – a painting of The Mount, as it is known locally, or Mount Maunganui, was meant to be a more abstract version of the subject, however it ended up more realistic than I thought it was going to.

Painting Light - The Mount I 24x18

The Mount I 24″x18″ Oils

Then I had another go and it turned into an environmental statement. Some paintings – you just never know what they are going to do. They surprise you!

Painting Light - The Mount II 24x18

The Mount II 24″x18″ Oils


Next Post: More New Zealand paintings – this time in the South Island.

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