Today I am going to share with you some photos of wonderful windows I  came across during my travels.   There is something fascinating about doors and windows and what people do with them don’t you think?  I found these in a tiny town in Southland in New Zealand.  It kind of blew me away to see such amazing creativity in a town miles from anywhere.

A flower sculpture in a window

Flower sculpture in a window

And here is the building it was in.

Flower Sculpture in a Southland building

Flower Sculptures in a Southland building

In the distance, you can see the bare green hills behind the building.

So where does your inspiraton come from for your creativity?  Does it fall out of the sky? Rush out and trip you up as you walk along or sneak its way into your dreams?  It is different for all of us.  Something that really charges up my creative batteries is travel.  There are always so many new things to look at and experience.  However, not just any old where will do.  I find that returning to my native country is balm for my soul and I always find something new to pique my interest.

I’m off to NZ on New Year’s Eve  – a wonderfully creative way for me to begin the coming year….. I’m very excited. Of course it’s more than just the trees and hills, there is an intrinsic connection to the spirit of the place that draws me.   I find I have similar connections to Italy and England as well.

Flotsam at Waitete Bay

Flotsam at Waitete Bay

I love the textures and subtle colours in this photo.

Thatched Cottage at Avesbury

Thatched Cottage at Avesbury

Here is a piece of quintessential England.

Venetian  Canal

Venetian Canal

Lastly – a tranquil backwater in one of my favourite places.

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