Hot off the Easel this week is the triptych I have been working on for the last few weeks. A triptych is always a bit of a tricky thing to tackle, because you really want each panel to work separately in its own right, while at the same time working in nicely with all the other ones. 

Two weeks ago I shared with you the underpainting I was doing on this work. Here are some updates on that process….

Hot Off the Easel

Underpainting of the middle painting


Hot Off The Easel,Painting process

Much of a first layer of the middle panel is painted



















And below is the finished painting. It measures 24″x66″.  If you would like to see more about this painting visit my Artist Website.




Dancing With The wind -Triptych,Hot off the easel

Dancing With The wind triptych


This Weeks Question: How are you travelling with your own creativity?

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Songs of the Sea – finished

To continue following the path of this work you can see that
I have deliberately left the dark, running, underpainting visible, through the layers of water, as I think this gives the work that mysterious depth in the water, that you get from an aerial perspective.

Songs Of The Sea

Waves are in!

I loved the abstract way the waves wash the top of the image.  It throws your sense of perspective and makes it difficult to figure out just exactly what you are looking at. the waves and sand have been painted in here and there are only a few finishing touches to go.  And here is the finished painting…..

Songs Of The Sea - Kadira Jennings

As you can see there has been a lot more depth added to the colour of the painting in both the sand and the sea, to give it a final impact and depth.

If you would like to see more of my completed work, head on over to my on line portfolio.

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Lake Ohau

Lake Ohau.

Have you ever been to Lake Ohau, or for that matter to any of the other beautiful lakes in the South Island of New Zealand? They are truly magical places.  The water is quite breathtaking.  On the particular day I took the photo that led to painting Lake Ohau, the sun was shining and we were about to have a picnic on the foreshore of this wonderful lake. However as we were getting the picnic things out of the car, suddenly an amazing storm blew in and I just had time to whip the camera out and capture this extraordinary image. I forgot to photograph all the steps of this work as I was doing it, however I do have stages one and two of it.

Stage I

Lake Ohau Stage I

Lake Ohau Stage I

As you can see, stage one had some pretty big unresolved things in it.  The sky on the right hand side of the painting wasn’t working at all.  It was too fussy and wooden.  The centre of the work has two strong diagonal lines in it which just didn’t work and the foreground was way too dominant, it was acting as a barrier to entering the painting.  It stops you from getting over the water and into the distance. So some radical reworking was needed.  Here is the reworked image below….

Stage II…..

Lake Ohau II - Kadira Jennings, Oil Painting

Lake Ohau II

A much better solution I feel.


If you would like to see more of my work, please visit my website Kadira’s Work

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The Meeting

The Meeting

I was amazed that I managed to find so many smaller paintings in the ‘Secrets’ painting. The colour in these works was were softer than the original and the areas more highly developed. The meeting developed from this area of  ‘Secrets.’

 The Meeting - Kadira Jennings

As in the other works in this series, the figures became more clearly defined as I worked on the painting.  The colours were softer and the figures became contained within a landscape.  Here is the completed painting, ‘The Meeting.’  It measures 28″x24″ and as usual is oils on canvas.  This painting is available for sale for $840.

The Meeting - Kadira Jennings

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Lady In A Hat

Lady In A Hat

Lady In  A Hat, continues the ‘Secrets’ series of works .  Again I would like to share the section of the work that this painting has evolved from.

I really wasn’t sure where this work was going to go to when I began it and as so often happens when you work in series, the painting shows you where it wants to go.  In this case it ended up being a fairly complex image, with several different figures in it.

Lady in a hat - Kadira Jennings

Here is the ‘Lady In A Hat’ at the end of that journey.

Lady In A Hat - Kadira Jennings


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