Creating in a series,  leads to a wonderful unfolding of one’s creativity.

Creating  in a series leads to Cathedral Cove Lifting Off

What follows is the last in this series of Cathedral Cove paintings to date.  As I write this I am continuing to work on cave like images, but have since moved on to other places that inspire me.  Of all the athedral Cove images, these are I feel, the best and were only arrived at by creating in a series and painting my way through the other works.  So what we are seeing here is that series of works evolvingto a conclusion, and it is interesting to see how the subconscious flow allows somethings to emerge and take precedence, and others to fade away.

For example you will see in both of these works that the ground has fallen completely away and the angelic like figures have taken precedence.  These figures now dominate both works.

Then we can observe that the surrounding space, particularly in the Cathedral Cove VII,  has become almost womb like.

Creating in a series

Cathedral Cove VII 20″x16″

I have felt that presence very strongly while working with this cave in particular.  When you are standing inside there you feel, enclosed, almost cradled within mother earth’s arms, that you are within her womb in a sense!

Also this painting was a study really,  for the larger one and painted  on a much smaller canvas.  The brush work is more raw and the figures take up a much larger space in the picture plane than in the painting below.


Creating in a series continued - Cathedral Cove VIII

Cathedral Cove VIII

In the second painting as seen above, the figures are more elevated, they soar above us and are represented with a much stronger colour palette.  This is by far the more elegant of the two pieces. If you really want to push yourself, then creating  in a series is the way to go. I never dreamed I would end up with these paintings when I began my first left handed Cathedral cove painting.


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