***!!!!HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!***

Well here we are at the tag end of another year again.  If you are reading this, then I guess the world didn’t end on Sat 21 Dec and we can all look forward to another wonderfully creative year. To acknowledge and celebrate the creativity of my students I am going to share some of the wonderful  work they have done with me in the past year.

Bessie - Steve (Oils)

Bessie – Steve (Oils)

They are all to be commended on their perseverance and commitment to their art.  Creativity is seldom easy and we often have to fight for our right to nurture our creative spirit, as others often view it as an indulgence rather than an essential part of who  we are.  The other thing about that is that when you pursue your creativity, it makes others uncomfortable, because they aren’t honouring their own creativity. So congratulations to everyone who has nurtured their own creativity this last year!

Sunset – Ash (Acrylics)








Courtney – Humming Bird (Pastel)






Jess - Pen & Ink Study

Jess – Pen & Ink Study





Elise – Kapati Coast (Pastel)



Summer Scents - Deborah (Oils)

Summer Scents – Deborah (Oils)


Faith – Tonal Study (Oils



Skull Study - Rewa (Charcoal)

Skull Study – Rewa (Charcoal)











Jo – Pencil Drawing

Lee – Pelican (Pen & Ink)






Kandinsky Tree - Louis (Acrylics)

Kandinsky Tree – Louis (Acrylics)



Lorraine - Poppies (Oils)

Lorraine – Poppies (Oils)






Lorraine O’Day – My Dog (pastels)






Pumpkin - Merran (Water Colour)

Pumpkin – Merran (Water Colour)













These are just a few of the wonderful works from my students this year. It should be noted that while these works are all original works by the students, some of them are copies of other photographers and artists and are intended as learning exercises only. Thank you all for allowing me to work with you and guide you on your creative journeys.

Grace - Chay

Grace – Chay

I wish all of you, students and readers, an amazingly creative year in 2013 and trust that you will continue to grow and expand your creative horizons all year.