I guess the problem with our achieving success, whatever that might look like for us individually, the biggest problem, when all’s said and done, is ourselves! Which is not something most of us want to hear.  After all wouldn’t it be nice if someone would give us a magic formula and we could just implement and hey presto – Success!!

Unfortunately life is just not like that. The only thing that is stopping you from being successful is YOU!

Why? you might ask.

The simple answer is that it actually comes back to the universal laws of manifestation. Whatever is showing up in your life right now is EXACTLY what you are focused on, or have been focused on in the recent past. This is true, regardless of what profession you have or don’t have. If you are getting work as an actor, or if you can’t seem to land that book deal that’s just out of reach, if you are having group exhibitions and are the only one not selling your work….. ALL OF IT is because of where your heart and head are at.

When you get into alignment with what you REALLY want then it can come to you. If you don’t believe me, think back to a time when you really wanted something with all your heart. You were passionate about it – you thought about it often and when you thought about it, you felt really great. Did that thing show up in your life?

Now think about an opposite experience.  Is there something you often used to think and FEEL negatively about ? And did that end up showing up in your life also? I can think of several instances of this happening for me.  You know the best advice I have heard on the subject states that no matter what you want, your first job is to get in a place where you are feeling happy.  What brings JOY into your life?  It is different for all of us.

The joy and wonder of a ferris wheel

The joy and wonder of a ferris wheel

Make a list of JOYFUL things and then go and do one of them.

THIS IS REALLY IMPORTANT. Why? because when you are happy you are in a space that allows those things your want to flow to you. So if your success is not happening look to how you can bring more joy into your life.

This Weeks Question: How are you going to contribute to your success this week?



Last post we were discussing the roll of play and success. I asked you to think about some reasons why we might not play enough as adults,

Here are some ideas I came up with….

I think some of the main reasons we don’t engage in frivolous play as adults are:

  • We care too much about what others think of us
  • We don’t want to appear to be silly
  • We consider it is not important enough to warrant spending our precious time on it
  • Or we think it is just a plain waste of time!


Well I’m afraid that all of these reasons are really  just plain nonsense.  The more research there is being done into creativity the more apparent it is becoming that PLAY is THE MOST FUNDAMENTAL element in nurturing one’s creativity.

And yet we are afraid to play.

Some people – famous people even, really get the play thing – two that spring to mind immediately are –

Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp as the loveable rogue Jack- Sparrow



Richard-Branson - Millionaire Adventurer

Richard-Branson – Millionaire Adventurer

Both these men understand the value and importance of play and actively demonstrate this in their own lives.  Both of them are hugely successful in their own fields.

Fun frees our Creativity. Its like adding oil to a squeeky wheel.

So what are some of the important elements of an activity that might stick it into the ‘PLAY’ box for you. Here are some ideas about that

  • It is FUN !!!! REALLY, REALLY important
  • It is something you want to do
  • It may be challenging
  • It makes you laugh and feel happy
  • It might be exhilarating
  • It is not something that you HAVE to do – there is no feeling of OBLIGATION involved
Grace on a slide

Play can make you feel free, exhilarated and happy all at the same time!


This Weeks Question: Can you make a list of 5 play activities that you do regularly?

 Next Week Look For: Success and Attitude


To continue with thoughts on success I’d like to take a look at something that might seem the opposite of moving toward success. Let’s explore the concept of Play and it’s contribution to success.

I have a question for you….. how often do you let yourself play just for the sheer fun of it?  And perhaps even more importantly, can you answer this question?  What Is Play For You??

Now that’s a bit of a curly one isn’t it? Is play interactive – how do we even define play? All of which are very sad questions because ……. Why?

The very fact that as adults, we have to even THINK about what play is and how we might do it, shows that we have lost a huge amount of insight that we had as children.  Sure kids get bored and you get the perennial, I’m bored, I don’t know what to play type exclamations from your young ones, but have you ever watched children engrossed in play.  They don’t need fancy toys from Matel. My kids got more hours enjoyment from a big old fridge box than most of the ‘toys’ I ever bought them. That box became a chameleon – some days it was a castle repelling invaders and others it became a time machine landing on different worlds, or a pirate ship navigating the high seas.


Ahoy ye scurvy sea dogs!

Some how as adults we seem to think we need a ‘couple of wines’ in order to begin playing – why is that?

Well ‘a couple of wines’ allow us to lower our defences, to not care so much about what other people might think of us.  We suddenly become risk takers, and jesters…….. a whole new world opens up to us.

This weeks Question: Can you think of any other reasons why we don’t engage in ‘frivolous’ play as adults?

Next week: A deeper look at how this relates to art and success.



I think you would have to say that there are many things that go into the mix of an artist being successful.  However of all of them I believe that probably the most important is MINDSET.

First and foremost  it is your attitude.  The same holds true for anything really from being an entrepreneur to an olympic athlete.  If you don’t have the mind set you will never make it. So what do we mean by MINDSET? Well there are a few factors involved.

There is a saying that goes something like this …. If you think you can – you can and if you think you can’t  well that’s true too. I have touched upon this idea in previous posts, but really it all comes down to a universal law – the Law of Attraction. How does this work?  What you focus on and have an emotional connection to determines what manifests in your life.  How might this work for you as an artist?

Well I can give you a real life example from many years ago.  I had organized a group exhibition with some other women, who had been students of mine at one point. Anyway, I had a pretty negative mindset back in those days, and although I was trying to think positively, at some level I just ‘knew’ I wouldn’t sell any thing at that show.  And guess what? Of course I didn’t! And not only that all the other women sold at least one painting in the show!  I was mortified, crushed, and disillusioned to say the least.  However looking back I can see so clearly now that I created that.

Art Exhibition

The other women on the other hand were all happily optimistic, it was their first group showing and they were happy and excited with no great expectations.

So that is the first thing you need to work on.

You know the principles of this work for anything – it sounds simple but lining up with it is entirely another matter because we always seem to get in our own way! Here are the steps…

  • Be very clear about what it is that you want ( ie to sell 3 paintings at the show)
  • You must believe that this goal is possible for you to achieve
  • Feel really good about the idea and then
  • Just forget about it! Yes you heard me right – Forget About It!

We don’t have to do the ‘How’ – the universe takes care of that – providing you with opportunities you could never have managed in a 100 years.

Oh and then there’s one more very important thing – Get Happy!! The happier you feel the quicker your desire will come about.

I have 2 quite amazing true life stories about this process that I will share in the coming posts.

To get back to Artists success, this is just the first step. Stay tuned to this spot in the coming weeks!

This Week’s Question: What does success mean for you?

Next week look for: News about the student exhibition in April

You may be interested to know that Michael Masterson, whom I mentioned in the previous post, still works with mentors and coaches, even though he is incredibly successful at what he does.  I think this in itself speaks volumes!

So what is the other type of coach he recommends? This is someone who works with you at a closer level .  They may not be the best in their field but they understand the mechanics of it and they are, more importantly, able to teach that to you.  For example if you want to learn artistic technique, a brilliant artist may not be a good teacher.  Rather, of more value to you,  would be someone who knows the techniques and how to get the best out of you, someone who has the tricks and tips and how to pass them on even though they may not be a hugely selling artist.  A great teacher/coach  in this vein is a rare treasure and if you find one, hang on to them until you have learnt all they have to share with you.

In terms of techniques there are so many different sources of information available to us these days  –  but the problem is that many of them give us no feed back.  How am I doing? What might I do next – related to my own artwork?

A coach or mentor on the other hand, will hold you accountable and push you to greater things than you thought possible.  When you are ready to give up they will give you a reason to give it a go one more time around- and wow are you glad they did! They will cajole, encourage, and get tough when you most need it.

Next post I would like to put forward one more level to the coaching triad which I believe is indispensable…… see you there

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So you have decided that you are an artist.  Are there any qualities that will help you to become successful at that – whatever ‘success’ means to you?  The answer is yes and if you have decided to become a professional artist there are a few extra things as well that you might need to help you along.

Here are the main ingredients that go into the ‘artist’ pie whether you just want to dabble or become a professional artist.

  • A passion to do it
  • The ability to persevere
  • Being able to embrace failure as a necessary part of the process and utilize it to move forward

If you want to become a professional artist, then you may also want to consider the importance of these things:

  • Understanding your own creative process
  • Recognizing that you are in a business and taking whatever steps are necessary to make that business successful
  • Developing your own niche. This equals a signature style, distinctly recognizable as exclusively yours in much the same way a signature is unique to you.
Signature Style ©2010 Kadira Jennings

Signature Style ©2010 Kadira Jennings

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