What is the most exciting thing about the business of art?

The business of art has many strings to its bow. What many young artists wanting to become professionals don’t realise, is that they must become  entrepreneurs. There are many different ways of putting one’s foot in the door so to speak. Some of these are:

1. Become an art dealer.  Open your own space at the high end of town if you can afford to. Run your own gallery space.
2. Try your hand at teaching art.
3. Do custom airbrushing on anything from t-shirts to cars.
4. Work with stained glass if you are a mosaic artist.
5. Perhaps you have a Flair for caricature.If so this is something you can make money from at country fairs,festivals and markets
6. Start a face painting business for children’s parties and at markets
7. Many artists make a living doing tattoos these days.
8. Another artistic area is being a make-up artist. There are different ways you can pursue this with companies like Nutrimetics or Mary Kay.
9. You also might go into the world of graphic design. 1/3 of graphic designers are self employed, working from home.
10. There is always something like the silk screen business.

the business of art,Art Classes

Art Classes

So you can see there are many ways to support yourself as an artist and still be able to follow your passion in whatever area that might be.

So perhaps the most exciting thing about the business of art is that there is so much choice, to follow your passions and make money at the same time.

Let’s face it, there are very few artists who survives by full time painting, sculpting or whatever their art practice is. However that doesn’t mean you have to work at an ordinary nine to five job. I spend 14 hours a week working teaching classes and the rest of the time I split between my art practice and running both businesses. This provides me with a comfortable income and I get to do something I love everyday.

This Weeks Question:What art business can you engage in to support your art practice?

Look For Next Week’s Post: Accessing your creativity

As I was saying in the last post – yes Art or Creativity is a partnership- however it is also a relationship.  How are you building your relationship with your fans – because that’s what the buyers of your Creative works are? Stop for a moment and really think about the people who buy your creative pieces whether they are paintings, digital prints, photos, sculpture or whatever. Really understand that they are your fans and not just clients.  In fact with a little work on that relationship they can become raving fans.

Turn Viewers Into Fans

Turn Viewers Into Fans

And what do fans want – how can you build that relationship? – Here are some ideas

  • be interested
  • be interesting
  • fans want to know about you – after all they have let you into their lives – there is a piece of you hanging on their living room wall
  • as artists we need to appreciate the fact that in embracing our work, others open their hearts to us.

Fellow artists and those who aren’t or don’t think they are but would like to be – Yes it is true  art is a business. And being a business it requires products i.e. ‘art works’ to be sold.   So many of us would rather just get on with creating and leave the ‘S’ word  to some one else – if only we knew who that might be.

Well, it could  be anybody but me that is!  Like many of you out there, I too wasted years trying to get away from the fact that if it is going to be – you know what,  it really is up to me!  I finally decided that really all it needs is a little re-framing of ones perception.

So yes creativity is a business AND  it is also a PARTNERSHIP.  How is that you might ask?

For an art work or creative piece to achieve completion it requires someone to appreciate it or at least interact with it.  (Ideally someone apart from its creator!)  It requires an audience.  For most creatives there is a definite buzz to be had when someone gets to see your work and have a reaction to it – which means it has touched them in some way.

This is a partnership often neglected on the part of the artist – they send their paintings off to the gallery, perhaps thinking the partnership part is only with the gallery and then that’s that. End of story……. where are the dollars??  And I have to confess I have been as guilty as the next person of that.  It took me a long time to understand that art is a partnership……………

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