This Weeks Painting

The subject is a little place on the Central Coast of NSW, Australia. It is not that common to see large bodies of water that are flat and reflective, especially in the presence of hugely louring clouds.  Well the day I took the inspiration for this painting, was an exception.

This Week's Painting  -The Entrance - First stages

The Entrance – First stages


As you can see there is the usual under-painting of burnt sienna and then the bones of the painting blocked in with darks and lights.

This was built upon, The sky now begins to emerge and the distant shoreline.

This Weeks Painting - The Entrance - under painting

The Entrance – under painting


The next stages don’t look that different, however if you look closely, you will see that I have painted out a lot of the dark in the clouds on the right hand side. There is now a background of trees and buildings also, just below these clouds.  Next, to tackle the water….

Entrance  - tweaking the clouds

Entrance – tweaking the clouds

So here are the preliminary workings of the water.  As you can see it all looks quite dark still, but the reflections have been established and the work is well on its way.

Painting the water - beginnings

Painting the water – beginnings

And finally we have the finished piece.  There was a lot more work between the image above and this one below.

The Entrance - finished painting

The Entrance – finished painting 42″ x 42″


You can see that I’ve reworked practically the whole image by this stage, the clouds, sky, water, changing values ( light and dark) and adjusting forms and colour where necessary.

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