Painting Light – The New Zealand Landscape

Painting the light in the New Zealand landscape one realizes that the landscape contains an energy of it’s own.

My attention was caught by the beautiful light in this painting of Mt Taranaki in NZ and I just had to capture it. I kept it small – only 20″x16″

Painting New Zealand Landscapes

Mt Taranaki 20″x16″ Oils


It’s funny how creativity never goes in a straight line. Sometimes you do a deviation which brings you back again in time to where you were before but a bit further along!  The works produced during the time of your devation,  go to inform the work you do in the future.

I find that I am always drawn to painting  light.  It fascinates me how light can change a subject, turning it into so many different things. Light evokes mood and mystery. It makes a place resonate in a particular way, at a particular time, which sits in our memories. Rarely will we be able to experience that place again in quite the same way.
Every sunset is different, every misty or rainy day shows us a different landscape in the same place. Painting light in New Zealand is very different to painting it in Australia or Europe.

I also did a couple of other small experimental paintings at this time. The first – a painting of The Mount, as it is known locally, or Mount Maunganui, was meant to be a more abstract version of the subject, however it ended up more realistic than I thought it was going to.

Painting Light - The Mount I 24x18

The Mount I 24″x18″ Oils

Then I had another go and it turned into an environmental statement. Some paintings – you just never know what they are going to do. They surprise you!

Painting Light - The Mount II 24x18

The Mount II 24″x18″ Oils


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