Nexus Point

Nexus Point

WOW !  My life has completely turned around in the last week.  Sometimes we reach a nexus point in our lives where we are given an opportunity to step onto a new path or pick up one we might have dropped before.

The question is – what will we do?

We can usually recognize these points because they are often accompanied by big changes in our lives.  I had one of these last week.

You know what fascinates me about life is how so often, and maybe always, the very thing in life that we are drawn to do is the thing where our creative gifts are to be found and it is also  the very thing where some of our greatest challenges lie. This of course offers us the greatest opportunity for growth.

I feel as if my life has turned full circle  this week and I find myself back on the path I am really meant to be on but have been resisting for many years. But that is another discussion.  Lets just say that creative blocks and I have been very intimately connected. I was stuck in a creative desert for many years  – a journey all about the denial of my own creative gifts.  Does that sound familiar to any one out there?

Anyway – this week I have let go of an illusory safety net I’ve been clinging to quite tightly for the last two years and taken a huge step into the rapids of life’s  uncertainty.  I think I probably stepped in right over my head and came up sputtering!  This step has me now firmly  embracing my own creativity and taking on something big which I will share with you in a moment.  But this brings me back to the nexus point  and the other thing about these moments, which is that they often contain an opportunity.  We are seldom ready for this opportunity and it is something that is often exhilarating, scary or even downright terrifying, all at the same time.

So what should drift into my inbox this week but an invitation to join a competition to find the ‘Next Top Spiritual Author’. My first reaction to that of course was NO WAY!! However I must say that I actually toyed with the idea of writing a book last year but certainly not as a spiritual author.  However as I began to think about it – for some reason the thought kept popping into my head,  I saw a connection between, creativity and spiritual growth or self development.   I believe that creativity involves the expression of the essence of who we are.  Through creativity we get to connect to our unique creative genius and offer something  very special to the world.  So often when I’m teaching art I see people struggling with far more than the picture they are trying to paint, they come up against all kinds of other things as well but that’s also a discussion for another day.

So what I am now seeing is an opportunity to combine my two greatest passions, creativity and spiritual growth or self development – WOW! DOUBLE WOW!!

So look out – Here Comes The Next Top Spiritual Author !!