Lessons from a Travel Diary II

Travelling and The Creative Process…..

Well isn’t all of life a journey really? Aren’t we travelling through the cosmos on a huge ball of matter, hurtling along at incredible speeds? It’s all about perspective really.

Travelling through the cosmos

Travelling through the cosmos

Our exterior journey reflects the interior journey. One of the great things about travelling and the development of your creativity is that it offers you a different perspective and not just the obvious things like, culture, scenery and customs. It also takes you out of your comfort zone, away from the familiar, which can totally unnerve you or you can surrender to the adventure of it all and dive into the new world you find yourself within.

Travelling  through the world

Travelling through the world

I don’t know about you, but I always find myself  so charged up and eager to create when I come back from my travels.  I think this is what Julia Cameron has in mind when she asks you to take yourself on an Artist Date every week.  It is like a mini vacation, a small hiccup taking us from the humdrum of life into the possibility of discovering something extraordinary. After all, as artists and creators, is that not what we are trying to accomplish when we birth a creation, be it a book, a film, a poem or an artwork? Aren’t we offering others a small step into the alternate universe of the world we have created?

So travelling allows us to bring back a bit of something else from somewhere else.  To add to our creative store house in the castle of our memory. Here are some snippets of things I’ve bought back with me from this trip. You can focus on the big…

Travelling, Old Puriri Tree

Old Puriri Tree

From the Macrocosm to the Microcosm…. or the detail, each have something to offer and a different kind of beauty in their own way.

Travelling, Bleaced Leaves and Weathered Wood

Bleached Leaves and Weathered Wood


Look at the amazing, subtle tones and colours in this picture above, of flotsam washed up on the beach. The things in Nature, always complement each other so beautifully.

This Weeks Question: By travelling to somewhere new this week, what can you find in Nature to be amazed by?  Please share your thoughts below.

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Image Creds:

Photo by WikiImages (Pixabay)

Photo by Hermann (Pixabay)


Journeys across water – can take many an unexpected turn….

Journey Across Water

I’ve decided that journeys across water, while being fun and sometimes exhilarating, can also be very growth enhancing. Which is another way of saying, challenging to greater or lesser extents.

I have come face to face with learning about my own impatience, attachments and lack of presence on this trip. Each one of these items has a story attached to it, difficult and challenging. And so we have Lessons from a Travel Diary Pt I ……

As you more than likely know, many, well let me amend that, to all, things that happen to us are created by a combination of our own emotional states and the universe delivering us opportunities for growth in relation to this. When things aren’t working out our first reaction is often to blame someone else for what’s going wrong.

Sometimes the signs are there well in advance, however we have not learnt to read them.

Do you find yourself sometimes just knowing that something is going to happen, even though you don’t want it to?  I had just such an experience, getting to the airport on Thursday. I was waiting around in Auckland for my ‘X’ to deliver our granddaughter back to me so we could fly home.  That was supposed to be at 12.30pm. Well after 3 changes of location  for the pick up and half a dozen phone calls, he finally turned up with her at 3pm.  To say I was stressed just comes nowhere near it.  Even though I know all this stuff about manifestation etc, do you think I could let it go.  Nope. What I did come to realize, however, was that, if one was wanting to point the finger at someone, then that finger was surely pointing right at me!  I have a thing about being late and the universe was delivering me a Mac Truck on the subject!!!!

However, there  was a silver lining to this very gloomy black cloud.  While we were waiting, we had been looking for a birthday present for me with no luck.  My friend suggested we check out the shop at the Auckland Museum and there, lo and behold, was the most exquisite piece of Pounamu. Ironically the piece we bought was a Toki or Maori adze which is used to clear away negative energy!! I love this piece, which appears to be filled with journeys across water, waves, or is it mountains? Great thanks to my friend Prue for this wonderful early Birthday present.

Journeys across water Pounamu - New Zealand Jade

Pounamu – New Zealand Jade


I also managed to get out from under my black cloud of waitingness, for long enough to engage my creativity and find some interesting things in the Auckland Domain Winter Gardens which we had wandered off to have a look at.

Journeys across water - Auckland Botanic Gardens

Monument at Auckland Domain Winter Gardens


Interesting vistas and unusual, dying plants……

Dying flower

Dying flower


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