So yes,  how can I be kind to myself?  Here are some thoughts to help you become unstuck

  • For the immediate present – forget about your own creative journey and go out and look at what others are doing
  • Visit galleries, museums, art shows
  • Go to the theatre or take in a movie – an art house movie can often times be really inspiring – here is an excerpt one of my favourites from the movie Veronique.

The marionette is exquisite – when seen on the big screen this scene is absolutely arresting.

You will be amazed at what a fresh point of view can do for a stuck creative.   I speak from a recent experience of wading through the Sarah of creative deficiency.  In my case this lasted for a considerable period of time – to the point where I became convinced that I wasn’t really creative at all and that to consider myself an artist was pretty much BS.  I went into a complete denial of my own creativity.

This was ultimately a painful experience because in denying my creativity I was so far out of sync with who I really am that everything else started falling apart as well. Take it from me – DON’T GO THERE!!!

So what really helped me through this was going to see other artists work.  This gave me new ideas and it only took a couple of ideas to get me thinking along a new direction I might take my own work

My BIGGEST MISTAKE was waiting way too long to go and do this.

So be encouraged.  We never actually loose our creativity – we simply bury it or let it wither by default.